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  1. jeffranger
  2. jeffranger
    Email address changed to
  3. The Chaser
    The Chaser tanktop16
    thnx 4 teh lyk
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  4. Technodj85
    Single and if you want to know more you need only ask.....MOT...
  5. sharpe*
  6. Citygirl
    Hull City is for life and not just the Premier league
  7. ozziewhite
    ozziewhite esteponawhite
    Gday mate, owyergoinorite? not sure if this is the best way to communicate, not shown on the site is it? All good down here, but LUFC still causing heartburn despite some glimpses of improvement. Send a reply, would be good to catch up, ozzie
  8. Gambol
    Gambol Laura Harvey
    Hullo, doll :grin:
  9. DocTigris
  10. Kairete
    Wonderful forum! I'm Napoli and Liverpool supporter!
  11. Brian Mcculloch Glasgow
    Brian Mcculloch Glasgow
    Life is too short to argue on silly things.
  12. Mexican Hornet
    Mexican Hornet
  13. sharpe*
  14. Amsterdam Roger
    Amsterdam Roger rooch 3
    i was going to do the Jimmy Saville one

    if you under 2 jim will fix it for you, but there is no sign of baldy snach, so ive thought better of it now
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    2. rooch 3
      rooch 3
      Wise lol
      Jan 8, 2018
  15. Go hard or Go Home
    Go hard or Go Home
    My doctor asked me if I knew my "blod group". I replied, "typo".
  16. stouffer
  17. Skylarker
    Skylarker LFC1962
    Brb is a twat.
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  18. littleDinosaurLuke
    littleDinosaurLuke notsosmartspur
    Is there anybody there?
  19. mallafets123
    BUT here comes Dancing Brave
  20. St.Kreuzberg
    The Anti - Saint. No sugar coating from me!