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  1. SaintStu
  2. nowgoal
    Livescores, Soccer Results, Fixtures, Betting Tips, Soccer Prediction, Odds
  3. Busancanary
    The canary formerly know as Bengaluru and Battersea
  4. Spurlock
    I read it, but I’m gay anyway so makes no difference
  5. Redewaan Williams
    Redewaan Williams
    hello guys please HELP with car parts setup settings Gpro Racing
  6. Spurlock
  7. Sandy Camel
    Sandy Camel rooch 3
    I'd reply on the thread but it's been locked. No, I'm not Smug, only ever posted in my own name. Not sure how to prove it, suppose I could pop over to say hello to you seeing as Smug lives in France and I live in Darlo, so if your close by drop me a line. But accusing me of running a multi account, there's friends a lot closer to you doing that. Have fun.
    1. rooch 3
      rooch 3
      No problem it was tongue in cheek, don’t know who the friends are because nobody says who their other name was just they’ve got multiple accounts which means knack all to me. By the way it had nowt to do with me the thread getting locked.
      Apr 30, 2021
    2. rooch 3
      rooch 3
      Daft question but why did you not just pm me I’ve never seen this profile lark before?
      Apr 30, 2021
    3. Saff
      What's going on here then? <laughing my arse off emoji>
      Apr 30, 2021
  8. Matt Cook
  9. Hettonista
    Hettonista malagamackem
    Thanks mate, unless you're being sarcastic, really appreciate that . From the heart and and genuine. Honeyman cuts me to the quick every time I see him on highlights and he was slated by us on average. Different world now but hey ho. lovimg a decent set up where it's maybe not false hope! Onwards and upwards, cheers bud
    1. malagamackem
      Not being sarcastic at all mate. Just thought it was a superb post
      Apr 2, 2021
    2. Hettonista
      Thanks mate, bring on Monday!
      Apr 2, 2021
  10. Number 1 Jasper
    Number 1 Jasper
    I love the night . The day is OK and the sun can be fun . But I live to see those rays slip away...
  11. Peej
  12. BackO'TheNet
    BackO'TheNet marcusblackcat
    Hi mate, sorry to bother you.

    I posted a thread at the begining of the season about anti-post 2020/2021 predictions. How do I find it please?
  13. Ranger4ever
    Ranger4ever kiwiqpr
    Hi Kiwi, just hearing about the earthquakes in New Zealand. I hope you and your family are all safe and well. Take care
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    2. kiwiqpr
      cheers mate...all good here..waiting in wellington for the long overdue big one to hit
      Mar 4, 2021
  14. Khartoum
  15. Tiote's Stare
    Tiote's Stare
    Always have a cunning plan....
  16. Tamerlo
    Tamerlo Reebok
    Hello, Ian. I’ve seen your comment that you’re due for a big operation. I hope it’s not life threatening, although every major surgery can be. I wish you all the best, Ian, and pray for your speedy recovery.
    Kind regards to you and your family.
  17. Posintilclosin
    Posintilclosin Howdentiger2
    Thought a pm would be better than a forum. I have a fintech looking to sell shares. They have set up the system and have absorbed all the startup costs They are raising money to launch. Plan is bought out/ipo within 3 years. Brilliant USP caught my eye. Happy to send info by email if your happy to share that with me. My email is [email protected] I have others which may be of interest
  18. Daydream Believer
    Daydream Believer
    Ha'way Ha'way Ha'way
  19. Oregon Tiger
    Oregon Tiger
    Real stupity beats artificial intelligence every time.
  20. QuarterMoonIII
    Just about surviving