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Apr 27, 2023
Jan 26, 2011
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Parts Unknown
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Can't remember, where was I?, from Parts Unknown

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Object not set to an Instance of an object Mar 4, 2015

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Apr 27, 2023
    1. El_Bando
      Object not set to an Instance of an object
    2. LewisF12014
      Check PM please.
    3. EternalMSC
      Could I put the Spain C+P up and you then lock it, I am free to do things now and I might be short for time later.. doing Mafia threads.
    4. leucadendron54
      Hi Bando, how on earth do i create a profile picture, i have uploaded a few picture but have no idea how to select them for my profile pic?
    5. genjigonzales
      Hey, Bando, your inbox is full.

      For Monaco GP Sweepstakes - I'll just declare that I've seen the numbers and ask someone else to pick one for me, as Bergy does for you mods. <ok>
    6. Kyle?
      Also, nice layout and colour scheme, makes my homepage look too garish.
    7. Kyle?
      Could you please change your avatar? I'm begging you, for the sanity of all board users.
    8. Super Sebastian
      Super Sebastian
      PuisaAaaayyy fcuk you nigger ****!
    9. Super Sebastian
      Super Sebastian
      I ****ed your mum last night she's got a big pusssayy
    10. Super Sebastian
      Super Sebastian
      I hope you die in a hole
    11. Super Sebastian
    12. Super Sebastian
    13. Super Sebastian
      Super Sebastian
      My mum is deaad she had cancer please I'm not joking
    14. Super Sebastian
      Super Sebastian
      My family are launching legal procedings for calling
      me schizophrenic.
      What the **** you gonna do you jose snitch to the
      mods? Idoita please remeber to add me on xbl my
      gt is LewisWDC11 I wanna beat you in f1 2011
      Adois idoita remember I am acttually seeking legal
      advice so beware you and I might be in court idoit.
      I will make another account called Alonso Maniac
      that will be my next account
      I will ruin the F1 board and **** toby niggger ****
      jose jacky mifune cosicave old **** bls el bandao
      **** everyone samlovesleeds as well dickheads I
      hate you because I nigger you hate me I will still
      come back my friend ip banned so what we're
      going to cornwall make new ice cream ip!
      Join Date:
      Dec 2011
      Super Sebastian
    15. RoadRunner
      Ummm...I should point out that I haven't got a clue how to run the sweepstakes :p
    16. Prime Minister Cameron
      Prime Minister Cameron
      You deserve to get banned! I will get you banned one day and I know I am LewisWDC but this is my mission and you will get banned(Forza Ferrari i am talking to but i send this to mods of f1 board and my eneimes). I will make life hell on the F1 Forum here so tell the mods. Ban my IP i dont care I will keep changing it and call my friends to flood the sites with multi accounts post spam on F1 Forum send abusive message to forza and wakka and brightlampshde i will get you i will be abnned but i will make life hell! so beware because i will make new account soon! yabba yabba yabba
    17. Masanari
      Hello Bando, may you delete this thread please. Cheers.
    18. Prime Minister Cameron
      Prime Minister Cameron
      Check your PMs mate.

    19. cosicave
      Hi Bando!
      (Re: Quiz)

      No! Sorry about this but I don't have the time to do a decent job of it and I'm not sufficiently motivated by history, unlike Anthony Davidson and especially Karun Chandhok who is very good at F1 trivia indeed!

      However, if anyone would like to take on the task, I'd be more than happy to read every word and learn something!

      Thanks for your message and apologies for this particular failing of mine.
    20. Forza Bianchi
      Forza Bianchi
      Hello sir.

      Can you merge this and this please?

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    .....it's raidillon actually