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    1. ----HistoryRepeating----
    2. ----HistoryRepeating----
      Heard the joke about Luke Shaw, Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert, Dejan Lovren, Mauricio Pochettino and the Titanic?

      They should never have left *Southampton. Boom, boom.

      And how about the Dutchman who inherited a mess with star players leaving and another mid-table finish the best he can hope for? But that’s enough about Louis van Gaal.
    3. ----HistoryRepeating----
      Alderwerield > Chambers
      Gardos > Lovren
      Bertrand > Shaw
      Tadic > Lallana
      Pelle > Lambert

      Well done Kat, that's money where the mouth is.
    4. ----HistoryRepeating----
      The can we trust the Kruger list.
      - I never met my predecessor, but I do believe what is important is the extremely strong infrastructure
      - The club has had this infrastructure for decades now
      - We will have new players to put into our line-up
      - Look at the opportunity given to Luke Shaw also, he wouldn't have got that at many other Premier League clubs
      - We're looking to use our funds to create a deeper and stronger roster
      - I believe we will also see a few more names grow out of our academy and into our first team this season
    5. ----HistoryRepeating----
      - We've made it very clear, he's not for sale
      - What matters now at Saints is how we are looking against Liverpool
      - Morgan will be there for Liverpool - (when asked specifically if Morgan will be in our matchday squad against Liverpool)
      - Jay is also a definite centre-piece
      - But he still has months of rehab and we look forward to rehabilitating him
      - What has happened, has happened
      - I don't need to discuss that
      - We are going to retain Jay Rodriguez and Morgan Schneiderlin
      - We look forward to building our new-look side around those two
      - We want to be a difficult team to play against
      - Our aspirations are to grow the club into Europe
      - This is a step-by-step process
      - The process must occur at all levels
      - We did not feel this was in place when we arrived
      - We had to make some payments
      - We now have a strong sum that gives us an opportunity to reinvest in the club
      - We are not going to rush
    6. ----HistoryRepeating----
      - She has enabled us to reinvest the funds in a combination of transfers
      - I was not hired to coach the team
      - I am here to create a management culture
      - We want to be as well run as a club can be in the Premier League
      - I want to say to the fans, we don't expect trust overnight
      - What I would like to ask them for, is time
      - We will earn their trust through our actions, not just words
      - The club is not for sale
      - I wouldn't have turned down some very nice jobs as a Head Coach in the NHL
      - Katharina has given her full backing for the club to reinvest
      - She has also told me that the club is not for sale
      - We want to continue to build on the strong foundations that have been here for decades
      - We want to build into the future of this football club
    7. ----HistoryRepeating----
      Hanlons razor says never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity but at some point the stupid becomes too much to fathom and personally I now doubt that players are the reason for all of this
    8. ----HistoryRepeating----
      Should Old Acquaintance be forgot,
      and never thought upon;
      The flames of Love extinguished,
      and fully past and gone:
      Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold,
      that loving Breast of thine;
      That thou canst never once reflect
      On Old long syne.
    9. ----HistoryRepeating----
      The student newspaper 'The Tab' has done an article comparing different universities to members of the England squad:

      "Oxford – Adam Lallana

      " You know that guy that went to Oxford from school? The really talented, yet endearingly unassuming one? Adam Lallana is that guy. He left for his first England squad gifted, self-effacing and likeable, but returned a changed man, just like your mate. Now all he talks about is how he has found true “intellectual stimulation” and how tough it is going to a “proper university”. Douche."
    10. ----HistoryRepeating----
      Hope for the best, be prepared for the worse. Life is shocking, but you must never appear to be shocked. For no matter how bad it is it could be worse and no matter how good it is it could be better.
    11. ----HistoryRepeating----
      "Krueger strikes me as a man that might rebrand the Nightmare on Elm Street films as "We've had some slightly uncomfortable sleep based moments whilst residing in the fine neighbourhood of Elm Street, but we're still here and we're still sleeping"
    12. ----HistoryRepeating----
    13. ----HistoryRepeating----
      Harry does it in the woods....

      Harry's hunting in the woods when he notices a rustling in the bushes. After shooting at it he hears a yelp and goes to see what he's shot.

      To his horror, he's accidentally killed Rosie the dog. It is at that moment that he stumbles and knocks over a lamp on the ground and a genie appears and says "You freed me from the lamp, so I shall grant you a wish!"

      Delighted by this amazing coincidence, Harry says "Yes could you bring Rosie the dog back to life?" Sadly the genie replies, "I'm sorry but I cannot raise a living thing from the dead, it is too great a task even for me."

      Crestfallen, Harry decides he may as well go for a selfish wish then and says "If that's the case, could you give me a fit first team on Saturday against Forest, winning at home, a clean sheet, and with the fans singing my name?"

      Awkwardly, the genie responds "Let's take another look at Rosie the dog....huh?"
    14. ----HistoryRepeating----
      'midfield is being sliced open every time Saints come forward, then its desperate at the back. You have to be very lucky and rely on their strikers to have an off day to win a game playing like that.'
    15. ----HistoryRepeating----
    16. ----HistoryRepeating----
    17. ----HistoryRepeating----
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      No movement 1 Arsenal 10 13 25
      Moving up 2 Liverpool 11 11 23
      Moving up 3 Southampton 11 10 22
      Moving down 4 Chelsea 11 8 21
      Moving up 5 Everton 11 4 20
      Moving down 6 Tottenham 10 4 20
      Moving down 7 Man City 10 17 19
      No movement 8 Man Utd 10 4 17
      Moving up 9 West Brom 11 0 14
      Moving up 10 Aston Villa 11 -1 14
      Moving down 11 Newcastle 10 -2 14
      Moving down 12 Hull 11 -5 14
      Moving down 13 Cardiff 11 -6 12
      Moving down 14 Swansea 10 0 11
      Moving up 15 Norwich 11 -12 11
      Moving down 16 West Ham 11 -2 10
      Moving down 17 Fulham 11 -9 10
      Moving down 18 Stoke 10 -4 9
      No movement 19 Sunderland 10 -15 4
      No movement 20 Crystal Palace 11 -15 4
    18. ----HistoryRepeating----
      "I like the Premier League and the style of play. I like the referees as you can tackle and only receive a yellow card. For the same tackle in France I would have got three years in prison."
    19. ----HistoryRepeating----
    20. ----HistoryRepeating----
      Thursday 31 October 2013 1 GBP = 1.1815 EUR
      Wednesday 30 October 2013 1 GBP = 1.1677 EUR
      Tuesday 29 October 2013 1 GBP = 1.1677 EUR
      Monday 28 October 2013 1 GBP = 1.1706 EUR
      Sunday 27 October 2013 1 GBP = 1.1715 EUR
      Saturday 26 October 2013 1 GBP = 1.1712 EUR
      Saturday 26 October 2013 1 GBP = 1.1712 EUR
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