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I Sit Next To A Badger-Leazes Corner
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Mar 27, 2014
Jan 25, 2011
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Cramlington, Newcastle
Student - Part-Time Lifeguard

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I Sit Next To A Badger-Leazes Corner

Well-Known Member, from Cramlington, Newcastle

I Sit Next To A Badger-Leazes Corner was last seen:
Mar 27, 2014
    1. Hung Drawn and Quartered
      Hung Drawn and Quartered
      Hi Leazes, don't post that pic, I know it's me, as i always do it to money grabbing swines like Distin etc and now Owen
      bad enough millions would of seen it but i think if I want to keep annonomous on this forum then I think I should be left
      by all means tell the people who sit near me to come and introduce themselves would love it, but then i could put a face to the name
      otherwise you'll leave me open to arseholes who just want to take the piss
    2. steviemac14
      Alright mate, on the subject of 5-a-side I've got a space in my game tonight if you fancy playing, will be a chance for you to see if I'm good enough for your team! Tried to PM but it says your mail quota is full!
    3. MrToontastic
      On IKnowTheScore I got 6 points but it's only scored me 5, is there an explanation or is it just waiting to update?
    4. Paperback Ruiter
      Paperback Ruiter
      can you report yor self to the U.N they have been looking for what happend to the test tube baby from cliff richard and hitler
    5. 5 Goals 1 Hat Trick 11 Heroes-NUFC4LIFE
      5 Goals 1 Hat Trick 11 Heroes-NUFC4LIFE
      Mate can you please report jordan to Cyprus?
    6. Tiggyrimana
      out of curiosity mate were are you planning on moving your season ticket to, level4?
    7. Speedo
      Mate, put the Tiote facts thread on the sticky list.
    8. LUPAMAC
      where abouts in cramlington mate i lived there for a couple of years in the late 80s before i moved darn sarf me mams just moved from colt park place to carlisle at xmas
    9. The Secret Ingredient
      The Secret Ingredient
      toon lewis wants you to sticky his thread on the predo league
    10. Jesus Was A Geordie
      Jesus Was A Geordie
      Alright, any chance you could make one of the PS3/FIFA threads sticky (even just temporarily)...I know it's not everyone's cup of tea n this is a footy forum, but there's been about 4 or 5 made in 24 hours so would definitely make things easier...

    11. overseasTOON
      I think we ended up in Soho/China Town area that night but we tried to get into a few bars in Clapham Common before hand.

      Tubes etc start up in the morning at about 5:30am and finish just after 12 for Clapham Common

      http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/first-and-last-northern.pdf (it's all the Northern line)

      Taxis vary in cost but to Kings X I'd reckon £40 to £50 per taxi.

      I'll join you for a drink afterwards but I'll have to head off after that. I can't be strolling back in the house at 3am to wake up 3 hours later :emoticon-0105-wink:
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    Cramlington, Newcastle
    Student - Part-Time Lifeguard
    I have had a season ticket for NUFC for 11 years now, and haven't missed an away game in 4 years!