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Aug 12, 2012
Oct 24, 2011
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Aug 12, 2012
    1. Manciniiiiiii
      fooking idiot.
    2. Chief

      You really are quite the retard aren't you ? I pity you living in such ridiculous ignorance, what's your IQ about 12?

      You pathetic ****.
    3. Manciniiiiiii
      Piss of Rusholme lad, don't be writing your United propaganda BS on my profile.
    4. Chief
      Oh, and the friend request was accidental.
    5. Chief
      I can't be arsed to enter the whole debate again on the forum as it should be dead but will never go away as long as you lot continue to bleat about how poor old Suarez has been treated. But, for the record, I have an insight for you. I play team golf and the team captain is my playing partner and as black as black can be. He said with 100% certainty that Ferdinand calling Cole chock ice is not even remotely racist. At all. He also said that if anyone ever called him negro, regardless of where they were from, he'd deck them and that it is 100% definitely racist when said in this way. Just so you know, given how utterly ignorant you are on this subject. <ok>
    6. Trypsin-1
      nice name change faggot

      i went there

      ps blackburn will smash you lololol
    7. Trypsin-1
      liverpool are ****e and a mid-table club lololol

      Ku Klux Kenny

      Suarez is a racist

      Carrol is a donkey
    8. Trypsin-1
      lolol liverpool suck
    9. SaintsForTheWin
      ya maws has a muddy clunge <ok>
    10. Swarbs
      Oh I'm absolutely ****ting it alright. I was having palpitations at how good you are.

      Then I remembered that you've only won two of your last nine league games. That helped me calm down a lot <ok>

      P.S. Was Mandy even playing last night???
    11. Swarbs
      Oh, written in the stars
      A million miles away
      A message to the main
      Seasons come and go
      But I will never change
      And I'm on my way

      Thought you'd appreciate it today <ok>
    12. Ferrari
      Your fans are scrum just like your **** club
    13. Manciniiiiiii
      yes mate will do it when I can, of course anyone is welcome to help mate.....
    14. Zingy
      Are you going to take responsibility of the 'Rival match threads' from now on or should it be who ever creates one first?
    15. Manciniiiiiii
      Suarez is innocent, fact!
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    When Rio or Terry does it, it is quickly brushed under the carpet, that is racism in itself!!!! and another example of some of your lots small minded hypocritical thinking.

    Xenophobia and Racism the same thing. So how is it OK to say Greasy Racist Bastard in the same breath?