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Jun 8, 2012
Jan 25, 2011
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Jun 8, 2012
    1. Vuckic's Faces
      Vuckic's Faces
      Lived in Newcastle for like 9 years and just came back to Libya 3-4 years ago, you? :D
    2. Vuckic's Faces
      Vuckic's Faces
      Ahh, It was the same here mate in Libya, you either be in Gaddafis side, or your gonna get behind bars for like 30-40 years or maybe even executed, but not after he fell (only like 1 month) there hasn't been any police or army and the state is in a revolutionary mode and the Crime rate is very very low. Venezuela next! :D he has cancer right?
    3. Vuckic's Faces
      Vuckic's Faces
      I know this is football related website but on behave for all Libyans, Hugo Chavas is a total knob.
      Yeah pretty hard to get any sleep in the times of the war with all the explosions and ****, electricity was limited and no Internet. Well now it's over. :D

      Newcastle haven't been doing so bad this year :D
    4. Vuckic's Faces
      Vuckic's Faces
      Nah not the army <ok> My country has seen a Reveloution which has changed into a big war, you've probably heard Libya in the news.. Cool. You Venezuela right? Pretty cool to have supports from all over the world :D
    5. Vuckic's Faces
      Vuckic's Faces
      Ahh man, Just came out of a war thats gone on for 8 months lol. and howww are you?
    6. Vuckic's Faces
      Vuckic's Faces
      Just changed my name lol, I am Prideofthenortheast, just came to say hey :D thats how kind I am
    7. Vuckic's Faces
    8. Paco Montoya
      Paco Montoya
      Oh cool, I may take him as my own....

      How do you watch the Copa America?, I only watch the highlights :(
    9. Paco Montoya
      Paco Montoya
      Is Juan Manual Vargas your Vargas? He is doing great a Copa America :D

      EDIT: The Peruvian
    10. Snorlax
      I see you are following me on twitter ( criscros88 - my old msn name). I'm still working out how to use it :)
    11. Snorlax
      Erm just team and you've already gave me that! cheers! I've started a toon save tonight and I've copied all your staff switches.
    12. beardface
      Any more news from your mate who seems to know whats going on with our transfers? Thought he might have something on this 'international' midfielder we are linked with!
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