Jan 25, 2011
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bow4fowler* Jan 31, 2018

    1. Chief
      You're not. You're barely literate. Take me on then instead of chucking your toys out. Guess you didn't know what feckless meant, eh?

      Look it up sonny.
    2. Sharpe*
      Not capable of it? Brilliant.

      And yes, I work full time as I guess you do. I'm a QS.

      Good night.
    3. Chief
      "Not going to bring myself into a debate with yourself"

      That's because you aren't capable of doing it. Someone disagrees with a Liverpool poster, ban 'em. You do realise that this forum mod bollocks is not actually a job, don't you?
    4. Sharpe*
      Not going to bring myself into a debate with yourself.

      Trouble is you think you know everything whereas in reality you're no better than some of the highly strung posters on our board.

      You were banned because you cannot control youself from insulting other people whilst having a debate/conversation - your previous post again shows it.
    5. Chief
      Like I give a **** Bow, you pulled a truthful assessment of Sterling and banned me for a frank and true description of that bell end Donga. The trouble with your board is that 80% of them know literally **** all about the game of football and instead trip out **** about conspiracies and how United are the devil incarnate. For EVERY single example one of your bell ends gives as to why United are in the wrong I will find you a legitimate comparison from a 'Pool player or manager. Your head is so far up their arses you can't see it, even though you know it. Donga is ****ing ****, deal with it. Ban him, and take the alcoholic paddy **** stain with him.
    6. Albert's Chip Shop
      Albert's Chip Shop
      you too bud. hope all is well!
    7. Special Patrol Group
      Special Patrol Group
      Didn't know i could do this - not very computer literate, i'm afraid.
    8. Jason P.
      Jason P.
      Schneiderlin and Cork are better than Lucas Leiva.
    9. Girvan Loyal 1690
    10. Albert's Chip Shop
    11. Salah's-left-foot
      The match day thread is locked!
    12. Jezz511
      I didn't pal. I've been on holiday. Flying back today though, using airport wifi ATM.
    13. Salah's-left-foot
      Alright, gimme a shout, no problem <ok>
    14. Salah's-left-foot
      Yeah I guess, but not many local clubs where I live although I might try and see if West Bromwich Albion have a coaching course or someting along those lines.
    15. Salah's-left-foot
      Haha I was joking!

      And I find football more interesting, plus I know quite abit about footy. My knowledge beats pretty much any 'experrt's I know.

      Not being arrogant, just saying it how it is, many people have told me to try coaching, but just can't find a way in!
    16. Salah's-left-foot
      Don't like rugby. Woman's game.
    17. Salah's-left-foot
      You said it!

      'They cannot do much worse!'
    18. Salah's-left-foot
      You jinxed England U17s

      We're losing 2-0 in the first half.
    19. Corbo
    20. HOADIE_BOI
      Accepted mate.
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