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Jan 12, 2017
Jan 29, 2011
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Sunny North Herts

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Member, from Sunny North Herts

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Jan 12, 2017
    1. Charlie Livesey was my hero
      Charlie Livesey was my hero
      Thanks for sharing the story, it's great to have such memories.
    2. Charlie Livesey was my hero
      Charlie Livesey was my hero
      Hi SLB

      Thanks for inviting me to be a friend - He has always been one of my heroes and I have his authograph in my Watford Centenary Book, together with Sir Elton, Graham Taylor and others that were at the book signing. My wife got it for me as a surprise 40th Birthday Gift. So they & my son met them all but I only got the very nice messages together with their autographs. It's a great book.

      Also thanks for all the hard work you do on the site.

    3. hilareious
      Hi SLB,

      Just passing through to say hi to you and your fellow 'orns ,hope all is well mate,still not a fan of this place by a long way but have a fair few ex 606er's i'd like to keep in touch with so i'm swallowing the pill...for the odd visit !.

    4. Toby
      Hi SLB!

      Suck my knob you total ****!

      You make me ashamed to support Watford, you ****ing inbred.

      Much love, Toby.
    5. ©ίŦƴ Hȏ®ȠěŦ
      ©ίŦƴ Hȏ®ȠěŦ
      Thanks SLB - whilst we're in mutual appreciation mode, you represent the finest Hornet of all time IMO.
    6. Ray_Lugg
      If only i had the same hair, what an awful haircut i could still have!!
      Not quite worked out this not606 yet, this is the umpteenth attempt at sending a reply!
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