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Aug 12, 2011
    1. kessolove
      nice to meet you
      My name is kesso, good looking girl i saw your profile today in


      i became very interested to you .l like traveling and meeting new
      friend, So i will like to further communication
      with you.

      Please write to me through my email address ([email protected]) so that i will communicate back to you with my photos.
    2. ToonSi
      Sweet, I've got the Official Zombie Handbook (UK): The Ministry of Zombies - just arrived today :).
    3. ToonSi
      Actually scratch that, they're both UK! =)
    4. ToonSi
      Whoops apparently they aren't the British ones, silly me I was tired when reading through Amazon!
      THE OFFICIAL ZOMBIE HANDBOOK (UK): The Ministry of Zombies is the UK one!
    5. ToonSi
      Fair enough!
      Erm the ones I'm currently reading are The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks (son of Mel Brooks) & his follow up World War Z.
      I'm about to buy two called ZOMPOC: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse & ZOMPOC: Weapons & Tactics for the Zombie Apocalypse, as they're British based so apparently don't all revolve around the assumption that you could readily buy/pilfer a gun from a shop and supposedly only based on facts (even their analysis of the cause of zombies is factually based to what could cause an outbreak!).
      Amazon has all four for around £7-10 quid each I think or Waterstones might have them (if not they'll definitely order them in)!
    6. ToonSi
      Haha, it's certainly making my Thursday more interesting.
      It's weird how it lags, so you have to wait to see what your score is on the stats page!
    7. ToonSi
      I will beat you, it's only a matter of time!
    8. ToonSi
      Damn how did you get it back so quick?
    9. ToonSi
      You stole my award! I'm coming after you!
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