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Adios RVP !!!!

Discussion in 'Darts' started by CFCDEAN, Aug 2, 2012.


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    Feb 28, 2012
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    An agent has made the claim that Juventus have already sealed a deal to sign Arsenal striker Robin van Persie.

    Robin van Persie was clinical in front of goal last season

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    Netherlands forward Van Persie told Arsenal last month that he had no desire to sign a new contract, which has prompted a transfer frenzy.

    Juventus have been in the chase, along with Manchester City and Manchester United, but Van Persie remains an Arsenal player as the club mull over their options.

    Should Arsenal sell, it is believed that their preferred option would be to let him go abroad. There would appear to be a strong likelihood of that happening, if Fabio Parisi is to be believed.

    Parisi has no connection with the deal - he represents Tayo Taiwo - but claims that a contract is already under lock and key.

    "I think Juventus have had a signed contract with Van Persie for some time locked away in a notary's desk," Parisi is quoted as saying in the Italian media.

    "It is just my opinion but I think there is an eight out of ten chance the Dutchman will join the Bianconeri.

    "Juventus want to win and he is considered the ideal addition to achieve that."

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