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Aldershot v Charlton

Discussion in 'Aldershot' started by shotshammo, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    The sharpness and pace of a strong Charlton team, was causing tension amongst the Aldershot players in the first half and was reflected in the bickering, Gutteridge my tip for captain, looked so out of sorts in the first half, I had a lot of trouble convincing a chap at half time it was him. Is he peeved that he hasn't got the nod yet for at least a go in the serious friendlies.
    I would like to see him captain for either the Stoke or Brentford game, after all he does make the midfield tick.
    Even though Hylton won a penalty, and subsequently ballooned it over the bar, Aldershot were lucky to go in at half time 0-0.
    Charlton realising that for all their endevours they were still lacking a goal, came straight out after halftime and scored when Green delivered a teasing centre from the right that Benson with a glancing header on the edge of the six-yard box angled the ball passed Ross Worner.
    Even so I thought we upped the pace and endevour in the second half, there were players out there with a point to prove.
    I can see most of the squad getting games at one time or another.
    Having two good keepers is definately a valuable asset, the defence looked comfortable in front of both keepers, it's so important that your style of play doesn't change drastically due to keeper injury.
    One comment from a fan at half time was we still dont have a striker, I have to agree on the evidence of the two games I've watch.
    Before Gutteridge's goal their defence hardly broke out in a sweat, Hylton seemingly the only one causing them any problems.
    With Charlton giving a lot of their first team an airing, the 1-1 draw was a good result for us, some good keeping, keeping us in the game.
    The other encouraging aspect was we were still going strong at the end of the game and looked the more likely to score.shotshammo

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