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Article about Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday

Discussion in 'Sheffield United' started by Nr32OnTheBack, Apr 26, 2014.

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    Dec 13, 2013
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    Hey mates!

    My name is Marco and I would like to write an article about the two clubs from Sheffield.
    The article will be uploaded here: http://cavanisfriseur.wordpress.com/

    I would like to get some information about the (different) development of the clubs in in the last 20 years.
    Also just general facts what type of people are fans of which club. Like Rangers Glasgow = protestants, Celtic = catholics!
    What is the city like? A workers city?

    Questions about the club:

    Did the clubs have an investor?

    Did the club have financial problems? (Why?)

    Any other problems? (with fans or something)

    A good youth?

    What is the club known for? Is there something special that makes the club (or the fans) unique?

    Please answer as detailled as possible. (But also please in easier words, my english's not that good)


    ... about the Steel City Derby:

    Why is it called like that?

    How is the rivalry? Is it rough? Many fights? Or is it just on the pitch?

    How is the relationship to the other team offside the pitch?

    Are players that played for both teams hated? Like Windass or Bromby ...

    What makes the derby special?

    Is there a remarkable match? (even though it might was lost?)


    That's all. Cheers!

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