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Bolton game

Discussion in 'Shrewsbury' started by greenhousmeadowman, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. greenhousmeadowman

    greenhousmeadowman Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2011
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    Well, we expected nothing and duly got nothing. We set up to stop them (and I can see the logic of that) but of course as soon as we make one mistake then it is difficult to change tack and chase the game. Leutwiler must take the blame for the first goal as he did something similar in the first half which led to a good chance and I clearly heard one of the defence tell him to stay on his line for the long throw-ins. I thought Bolton were poor and one - dimensional considering their lofty position but perhaps they felt they did not need to get out of second gear to beat us.What was rather alarming was the body language of our players after we conceded - we looked beaten from then on.
    Ogogo is a huge miss for us but he is only one player and I must say, sadly, that a significant number of our players do not seem to care if they are relegated or not. The poor performances in the previous few games against our relegation rivals when we have been outfought make it quite likely we will go down. We now seem to be playing a different team and formation every game (as MM did) and the loanee players form has dipped
    (typified by Roberts poor shooting in the last two home games). It will be easier to attract better players over the summer if we stay in League 1 and Hurst deserves the chance to do that. I hope the apologists for Mellon are happy now because the decision to keep him on after the disaster of last season will probably now cost us our place in league 1.
  2. Matster

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    Feb 2, 2011
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    Yep, Leutwiler was at fault for the first goal. It looked poor from our end and interesting you heard the players telling him what to do. Dodds and Roberts played well and at times their defense didn't know what to do with them. However Bolton weren't a classy looking team and we're very direct in their game.

    Those draws and losses against Cov, Chesterfield and Port Vale are still hurting.

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