Match Day Thread Burnley vs Newcastle - My thoughts on the game + ratings

Discussion in 'Newcastle United' started by 666 Tash 666, Apr 11, 2021.

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    Wilson and ASM came on at the same time. If you are not rating Wilson as he didn't do anything then you shouldn't be rating Joelinton and Gayle. Both of them contributed nothing. Although Wilson didn't seem to be up to speed his presence seems to open the game out and give our midfield and St Maximin room to play in.

    Agree entirely with your assessment of Murphy - he does look a bit weak defensively but he is very positive going forward and when you play a back 5 you can afford to have more attacking fullbacks. Longstaff helped him out a lot in the 2nd half when Almiron switched to the right.
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    Wing backs will always look a bit suspect defensively because they can’t always get back in time. It’s a different role to a full back obviously but I think Ritchie and Murphy have done pretty well at it. Murphy certainly was hit and miss but scored going forward and defensively McNeil couldn’t get past him and gave up trying to second half.
    Clark had a mare first half, mostly responsible for their goal but as usual kept his head up and improved as the game went on.
    Shelvey didn’t do much again but has ten times more composure on the ball than any of our other midfielders.
    Gayle was again a little unlucky not to score.
    Joe very poor. Longstaff bang average game at best.
    Miggy inexplicably on right wing and struggled with it yet noticeably improved after our subs when moved more central.
    Dubs excellent apart from a few dodgy kicks.
    Dummett and Fede both solid.
    Wilson average at best but will benefit from that first run out ready for next week.
    Max outstanding.

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