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    Cambridge United have cancelled the contract of new signing Steven Connors after just five weeks at the club.

    In one of football's more unusual transfers, the midfielder has been released before making a competitive appearance for the club.

    Cambridge claim the player had a pre-existing medical condition which he deliberately withheld from them when they signed him from Fleetwood in June.

    They have now terminated his contract claiming that he should have told them about the condition, which has not been named, before he signed for them.

    The U's released a statement which said: "This particular pre-existing condition was impossible to detect as the player had not undertaken physical activity over the summer months.

    "As Steven withheld vital information about his medical history and an ongoing condition the club was left with no alternative but to terminate his contract."

    Connors has been struggling with a groin injury throughout pre-season so far, although neither party has confirmed that it definitely was the groin problem that he failed to mention in the medical.

    All-in-all he has enjoyed a shortlived stint at a club to put even Robbie Keane to shame. The 25-year-old now has the unenviable task of finding himself a new side when any football club who bothers to Google him before handing him a contract will find out that he allegedly has a secret medical condition that he doesn't like to tell you about during his medical.

    We don't want to heap further doom and gloom on Connors, but we don't fancy his chances.

    It has to be up there with the very best of short stays a football club and also one of the most bizarre reasons for the short stay.

    Do you have any favourites? Who has been through the revolving door at your club and why did they leave just as quickly as they arrived?
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    Hacker Jack - I agree = maybe it should have just gone pn a gneral football one rather than here but it's no real problem. I remeber years ago at watfird we had a player called Richard Hill. Graham Taylor left the club, Dave bassett came in and promptly sold him for less than we'd paid. He only made about 3 appearances. We got relegated that seaon........

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    The best and funniest one was MoJo returning to Celtic in 1989.

    Still cracks me up that one after Billy McBungle paraded him around Celtic Park two days before he signed for Rangers.

    ****in' belter <laugh><laugh>

    Are there any other legends that have played for both In-firm teams and been so loved by all? Alfie Conn maybe <ok>
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    don't they do medicals

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