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End of Season - Moto GP

Discussion in 'Motorcycling' started by happyal, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. happyal

    happyal Active Member

    Jun 1, 2011
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    End of a sad season in Moto GP, I think anyone who watched Simoncelli race, either live or on TV, will not forget him.

    For the rest of the rider, I hope they have a well deserved rest during the close season and come back stronger than ever next year.

    Well done to Stoner, as he was head and shoulders above anyone else this season, and a massive well done to Cal Crutchlow. I hope that Cal settles into Moto GP next season and becomes a top rider. It's always good to have a British guy to cheer on.
  2. TheSecondStain

    TheSecondStain Needs an early night

    Jul 23, 2011
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    Yeah, I'll miss Marco Simoncelli a lot. He was the natural successor to Valentino. His great personality which could puncture any overly serious situation, his determination to ride to the limit, and let's not forget, his politeness, good manners and smile. A credit to his family.

    Good luck to everyone trying to beat Casey Stoner next season. I have a feeling they'll need it. Valentino just needs a properly competitive bike. He can work the rest out for himself. Welcome to Andrea Iannone, if he is to be in MotoGP. He's the natural successor to Marco, on the track. Crazy Joe has matured too, and when he's on a charge, it's just about the most exciting thing anyone's likely to see on two wheels. If he's still in Moto2 he'll be no less exciting. Good luck to Cal, Bradley, Scott, the two Dannys and the rest of the Brits. Despite the demise of 125GP, I suspect Moto3 might just be as competitive as Moto2, and although the 2T 125s gave us some of the very best racing throughout, we have to move with the times. The 4T 250cc singles are going to be with us. We may as well look forward. Good luck and next stop Qatar 2012.
  3. The Secret Ingredient

    The Secret Ingredient Well-Known Member

    Jan 25, 2011
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    what a last motogp race that was
    looking forward already to next year esp. the new moto3 class which hopefully will see the end of the aspar dominance the moto2 class will be as exciting as ever and i'm not really sure about the crt class in moto gp looks to me like it's a poor attempt at filling the grid and can see the same scenario as bsb with the evo class basically two races in one.how long before stoner and the other aliens complain about being held up losing races due to back markers.I'd love it if they were competitive but i can't see it maybe in the great leveller that is the rain.
  4. shaxi

    shaxi Member

    Nov 1, 2011
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    Good luck and next stop Qatar 2012. -----wish that !

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