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  1. Knew it was coming, just didn't know who would cross the line first <laugh>
  2. Don't you just love going on UT and being matched against a cocky ****er who won't let you get near the ball and keeps doing fancy dan tricks etc, only for you to then wallop them <laugh>

    Logged on and played two games...

    1) I went 3-0 behind and down to ten men (lost Alonso) by the 67th minute, I beat him 4-3 with a 91st minute winner :biggrin:

    Then in the next game...

    2) I went 1-0 down and hardly touched the ball in the first half. I didn't change a thing but destroyed him in the second to come away 6-1 up <diva>
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    Dec 14, 2011
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    I'm only buying fifa when they have realistic goal nets in the game. It's like hitting barb wire when you score
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    Aug 11, 2012
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    Does anyone play career mode?
  5. Occasionally <ok>
  6. Sandor Clegane

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    I've just started play FUT with the Stoke squad, and I'm doing better than my team with RVP, Bale etc etc.
    Most matches start off with the opponent being cocky and trying tricks, and half the time end up getting battered!
    All my matches now are ending up something silly like 7-1, I either get someone really good, who beats me, or I go a goal up, and whoever I'm playing gets pissed off that they're losing to Stoke, go ultra attacking, and get destroyed on the counter. (Cameron Jerome is immense on FUT, cost me more that Rooney, and he's only a silver!)
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    Jan 24, 2011
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    I'm looking forward to 14 coming out in a few weeks. I'm usually done with UT by Xmas. That and COD keep me going till January.

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