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Match Day Thread Fleetwood v Millwall

Discussion in 'Fleetwood Town' started by themaclad, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. themaclad

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    Jan 24, 2011
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    On a wet and windy Tuesday night with no Championship action took in a local game at Fleetwood against the Lions of Millwall, do think that the Football League have a warped sense of humour sending sides on marathon journeys for Tuesday night matches, do they not consider what time the away fans get home?.
    Anyway full credit to the 400 or so hardy people from the New Den who made the journey, at least they created a bit of atmosphere unlike the tuneless Fleetwood drummer who just annoyed many.
    One further rant £24 to watch League 1 is taking the michael but that is the joy of modern football. As for the game Fleetwood ran out deserving winners by 2-1. The early stages were dominated by Fleetwood playing a passing game from the back they kept possession trying to find ways through Millwall's 4-4-1-1 formation, balls behind the two tall centre backs caused the visitors difficulty with the wind playing tricks with the ball, Ryan and Fasu having shots which went close. The Lions were bailed out by their keeper Archer a couple of times who made brave dives at the feet of on rushing home forwards.
    Millwall tried to get Gregory into the game but ironically given the amount of pressure they were under Morison came closest to scoring when exploiting defensive uncertainty sent a super header from 12 yards against the bar.
    The Lions came more into the game in the early stages of the second have efforts from Ferguson and O'Brien testing the framework of the stand behind the net, but after a series of corners the Cod took the lead when Jonsson scored with ease at the back post from a hard driven cross.
    The Lions responded with a shot by substitute Upson which went narrowly wide but it alaways looked as if the home side may get another and so it proved with a minute of normal time to go. Grant scoring directly from a corner with possibly the worst corner in the history of the game, looked a complete mishit but in it went. With the sounds of the Captain Pugwash goal music blaring out from the tannoy it was the sign for most of the Lions support to depart home. They missed Webster's last consolation after a Maxwell fumble but there was no time for them to pull of a recovery.

    Fleetwood Town 2 Millwall 1 Att 3326

  2. lifecheshirewhite

    Feb 5, 2011
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    The Millwall fans all leaving to the sound of captain pugwash.<laugh>
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