Getting tickets Brighton - QPR (A Swansea Fan)

Discussion in 'Brighton' started by Rhysj1, Mar 10, 2014.

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    Apr 29, 2011
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    Hello Brighton fans.
    I'm a Swansea fan living in London.
    Thinking about getting tickets to see the game tomorrow with a mate.
    Always had a soft spot for Brighton, and could be a good day out.
    Anyone got any advice as to how to get tickets, and the cheapest seats? With a bit of atmosphere.
    Just had a quick look and they are saying £42 for a ticket!

    Thanks for any help.
    Hopefully be playing you guys in the Prem next season!
  2. Swords Hoopster.

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    There's no-one on here mate. Best go over to the QPR Board. There's a guy called DT on there who lives in Brigton and who's going tomorrow night.

    He'll give you the low down on the ticket situation.

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