Ginola in skiing accident

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    Former football star David Ginola has been rushed to hospital with serious injuries following a skiing accident, it emerged today.
    The 45-year-old Frenchman, who played for a number of Premiership clubs including Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United, crashed into another skier in the Alpine resort of Portes du Mont Blanc.
    Ambulance staff said it was a 'severe collision' which resulted in Mr Ginola suffering 'severe trauma'. Injuries included damage to his throat, and bruises all over his body.
    After a number of hours in hospital following the accident yesterday afternoon, Mr Ginola was allowed back to his hotel room, but was forced to cancel future engagements.
    These included an appearance at the high-profile 'snow golf' tournament at nearby Megeve, where he was due to be one of the major celebrities taking part this week.
    'It’s a huge disappointment that he will no longer be coming,' said one of the organisers. 'David had a very nasty accident in Portes du Mont Blanc.
    'He was badly hurt in the crash, and had to go to hospital for treatment, and to be put under investigation. He is now recovering.'

    Since retiring from football in 2002, Ginola has tried to build upon his success as a front man for L'Oreal shampoo commercials in which he used the phrase 'Because You're Worth It'.
    Ginola, who also played for Aston Villa and Everton, has also enjoyed some success in TV programmes like the French 'Dancing with the Stars'.
    However, personal problems have included being sued for maintenance by Joelle Pinquier, a woman who said Ginola fathered her daughter, Joy.
    Although he refused to take a paternity test, Ginola agreed in 2008 to pay £400 a month maintenance until Joy was 18.
    Ginola now lives in St Tropez, on the French Riviera, with his former model wife, Coraline, and their two children, Andrea and Carla.

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