Have a cup between English League one teams and Scottish Premier sides

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    I think we should have a cross biorder cup group stage trophy played between Scotland's premier and the Engklish league one. :afro:
    Scottish kids are turning away from Scottish football. We need ideas that get Scottish kids wanting to follow Scottish football again.

    The more cup games, less league games strategy.

    OK now here is an original radical idea for the Scottish league. I know a lot of people will instinctively hate this idea because it is radical and new, but I ask you to open your minds to a new radical strategy to allow us to play new types of teams every year.

    I hate league football it is boring and repetitive you get stuck playing the same teams every year, not doing anything while some other teams win the league. I would say the same as an Aberdeen fan if we were in a British league, as we would find our level and get stuck playing British teams of the same level.

    My view is league football is boring and monotonous. The same teams playing over and over again, with teams battling it out to avoid failure, or mid table mediocrity. I say the same about the Scottish and English Premier.

    I would like to radically cut the number of league games in the Scottish league and replace them with cross border cups, where home group stage games are counted as part of the home season ticket attendances.

    Here is my radical idea


    Increase the Premier to 16 teams, with teams playing home and away.

    30 games a year for the league title.

    This means a cut in the number of games, each team in the premier play by 8 games.

    Freeing up 8 weeks for new cup competitions.


    An Anglo Scottish cup returns

    My idea is the Scottish Premier sides, that did not qualify for Europe and teams from the English League One play in a group stage cross border cup. Then in the knockout stages the Scottish teams that qualified for Europe and the winners of the group stage play in a straight knockout trophy. With an annual final played at Wembley Stadium. Imagine how great it would be for Scottish sides to play a final at the famous Wembley stadium every year. Scottish clubs that reached the final would talk of the great time they played at Wembley, in the same way Aberdeen fans talk of Gothenburg and Celtic fans talk of Lisbon.

    My reply to critics of my idea

    Every year we here people suggesting that the Scottish and English leagues merge, well look if that happened then most Scottish Premier sides of the likes of Inverness, and St Johnstone would be lucky to reach the level of the Tier 5 division in the non league Conference, based on the attendances they get. Clubs like Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts would be league one to championship sides. While Celtic and Rangers might go 50 years without winning a national trophy, as Newcastle United have. So my idea would be best of both Worlds scenario. Where they get to keep playing in a Scottish Premier have a chance of winning national cups and get to play high standard English league one sides.

    Some will argue that this will not satisfy the Old Firm, but I disagree an annual final at Wembley stadium would satisfy their desire to achieve something in England without giving up their competitive chances of winning the league, and qualifying for the champions league.

    I do not want the Scottish and English leagues to merge as my team Aberdeen would never get anywhere and it would render more than 100 years of Scottish football meaningless as the rating of a non league trophy for a league that would not exist anymore. Also Aberdeen would do nothing in a British league we could go 200 years without winning a national cup.

    I think there is no ‘Scotland only’ solution to the problems of Scottish football, we need to work together with other leagues, to play big teams from other countries and to market the Scottish league to new territories, but keep the bread and butter of league football but just have slightly less of it,

    Some will say travel is too tough, But that is a weak argument. I have traveled to Wales, Scotland and Ireland and it is not that far. Plus if Bala Town can travel to Latvia for a Europa league games then surely Inverness can travel to Cornwall which is on the same island for goodness sake. Look at the distances traveled by Australian nation sports sides and people say we can't even travel to Cork. Why are we so weak we cannot even travel about in our small island region, while Australians can travel from Perth to Sydney.

    I would love my team Aberdeen to get to play English League One sides every year and have a realistic chance of playing in a cup final at Wembley every year.

    Some will say that 30 games is not enough league games, but that is rubbish, in Portugal they have a 30 game league season. In the first years of the Scottish league they played as few as 22 league games a season, but no one would argue that those league titles are meaningless.

    I would be willing for any cross border cup maybe Scottish Premier, English League one, Danish league etc: How is Scottish football going to expand its audience if it is just Scottish V Scottish matches all the time?

    We need a change to the system now.<ok>

    Imagine Glasgow Celtic V Coventry at Wembley Stadium.
    Thuis would be good for Scottish football as we could expand the brand of Scottish football outwards, plus it would be good for English clubs getting to play teams outside their own country.
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    finally something Barnsley could win

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