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Discussion in 'Southampton' started by SotonOldBoy, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Sep 19, 2012
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    but what a week-end. Flew over from Atlanta this week to help my daughter move Flats. Took my 85 year old Dad and my Son to my first game at St Mary's and what a game to pick. We have come along way this year with all the ups and downs, but I would like to know what Nigel gave the players to drink at half time against Spurs because since then they have transformed into a well balanced team with so much more determination, tenacity and flair. St Mary's ia a great stadium and the atmosphere is awsome, the Dell was always too cramp but now we have a ground to be proud of and a proud team to go with it. Usually when I come back to Southampton, it is during thr off season so that is why this was my first visit to St Marys. Anyway, off to the airport and have to settle with see the next match via the internet. Will be envious now each time I watch a home game, but will have good memories of the win.

    Oh when the Saints go marching in (and up).
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    All the makings of a good day.
    I'm pleased your efforts were rewarded so well!
    More of the same performance and we could be laughing.

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