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    Some important changes have been made to the way this site is to be moderated in future. In broad terms it concerns a clampdown on porn and nudity and brings the site into line with major social media site Facebook. Mick, the site owner, gives his reasons for the decision …….

    “The problem with porn is not an ethical thing (for me anyway) - Google keeps punishing us in search rankings, the ads that pay the server bills keep getting suspended, a mobile phone network consortium has threatened to block us on 3 of the biggest mobile networks (unless users specifically opt in to porn) and the British Board of Film Classification have been sending threatening emails about content saying they are going to rate us an adult site. It's just more effort than it's worth at the minute. I'll create password protected boards for those who haven't already got one and want one (although some of the more severe content in some of these boards will probably need addressed at some point!).

    I've already been trying to clean up General Chat, which is some bloody job but it needs to be done, as me trying to introduce technical solutions (such as hiding images to guests) ends up breaking the site because the code and cache system is that convoluted.”

    Changes to be implemented with immediate effect

    • All existing porn and nudity (including exposure of nipples) will be removed from the publicly available boards
    • Moderators will be responsible for ensuring the new forum rules are strictly adhered to
    • Any members who decide they wish to break the new forum rules will be banned for a minimum of 72 hours, increasing with each ban
    • Moderators who fail to enforce the new rules will be replaced
    • Members who decide they want to throw abuse in the direction of the administration team will also be removed

    Fortunately, thanks to our members, this will have minimal effect on our board but, for obvious reasons, the changes have to be communicated across the site.

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