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Discussion in 'Ipswich Town' started by Roystonblue, Mar 11, 2020.

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    Alan Judge injured in trainings & rules out for rest of season. Part of me doesn’t mind as he hasn’t been very good this season (apart from away at Wycombe and at home to Burton). This leaves number 10 role available for Bishop or do I dare say Keane - who I believe would be better in this position that up front. However, this once again sheds a bad light on our training facilities, how many injuries and long term ones at that does the club need to have before admitting there is something wrong with the set up
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    Find it very difficult to be bovvered about this.He must be one of the biggest disappointments of this Season. Still PR Paul will no doubt use it as another excuse for our underachievement.
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    What a joke of injuries the past few seasons. He's got undoubted quality but hasn't never shown great form after his long term injury and didn't have a pre-season this year due to another injury. Given our injury situation I do think he'll be missed. Can we rely on the even more injury prone Bishop and you say about the also injury prone Keane playing there but not sure we have enough strikers currently for him not to be played upfront.

    There must be something in our training/sports science majorly wrong here, it's been an on going problem for years. Although I get the feeling it's again the continuous under funding on many levels, training and rehab facilities, having to take a risk on injury prone players, playing youngsters regularly when they are not ready for the physical rigours of first team football and probably risking players who aren't 100% fit because the squad is weak.
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