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Discussion in 'Champions League' started by doudufleisch, May 27, 2015.

  1. doudufleisch

    doudufleisch New Member

    May 27, 2015
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    I think juve has an upper hand over barca in winning the ucl we got the best defence in the world at the moment I must say the most compact , looking at the number of years chiello and barzagli alone have played together . A totally defensive minded team which can switch to attack at any point in the game , indeed pirlo and morata are the only players in the team who are not too physical as compared to a one sided barca team composed of totally attacking minded players with an utterly weak defence , the madrid defence is far stronger than the barca one who can always be caught off guard during a counter attack after juve midfielder are back helping in defending . Tactically juve has an advantage over barca in the sense that the who team can switch through different tactical variations and formations without aproblem whiles barca is a world known one sided team , that get stuck when met with a strong defensive team , they fail to shoot behind the 18 box when it tough , always trying to dribble their way out even when it proving futile I think the juve midfield is stronger than barca's , a fine blend of experince ( pirlo) and youth defense grit and shear creativity , amongst the two ithink juve has destiny behind and is far hungrier for success !! Forza juve

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