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late starter on a moped

Discussion in 'Motorcycling' started by BoothferryLegend, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. BoothferryLegend

    Jan 29, 2011
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    Looking to purchase one and on a provisional licence I'll have to take a CBT any heads up and advice I need to know and you can give me, thanks in advance
  2. TheSecondStain

    TheSecondStain Needs an early night

    Jul 23, 2011
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    If you're still looking for advice, I suggest you take a week's course, where you go in at the start and 5 or so days later come out obtaining your CBT. You can also do the same for passing any further tests you take. If you can get lots of practice in on closed roads or car parks, with someone who has experience and won't steer you wrong.

    On the subject of machinery, there's no need to buy anything new, you'll want something bigger and better very quickly. If you can, always have someone with experience to advise you on selection of machinery, and don't purchase something on its looks alone. What you want is a reliable machine of reasonably low mileage [around 15K and it won't be worn out] that has been looked after. As far as having machinery to pass your various tests on, you can always hire them if you are going to do the tests over a week. It's a sensible way to proceed and then you don't end up making two or three purchases when one will do at the end when you've passed everything. Always good to read of a new motorcyclist as it means one less car on the road on any particular day. Good luck.

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