Match Day Thread Leeds Utd v Burnley Match Thread

Discussion in 'Leeds United' started by ellandback, Dec 24, 2020.

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    Meslier 8
    Bielsa instructed young Illan to use his height coming off his line to palm/punch the ball away at crosses, the lad made a couple of decent saves. Time for the pundits to get off his back

    Dallas 5
    Did a job in midfield in a effort to stem the flow, unfortunately one of my favourite players was poor giving away far too many needless free-kicks.

    Ayling 9.5
    Luke proving what a versatile player he is, not great in the air but he cleans up on the ground putting his body on the line for his teammates.

    Struijk 9
    Those who said he wasn't great, eat your words as the lad won 8 headers against three experienced PL forwards, yes he isn't a Ben White on the floor however Pascal was crucial to our cause restricting the Burnley bombardment to a bare minimum.

    Phillips 10
    Wow what a mature performance from Kalvin, hardly put a foot or head wrong. Led our back line like a true leader, Kalvin's status at his boyhood club needs to change, there's no room for sentiment in the PL

    Alioski 4
    Couldn't maintain a regular place in our championship side which is obvious to see why as Ali runs around the pitch like a naughty schoolboy.

    Raphinha 7
    Easily our best attacking threat in the first-half, struggled after the braek as the defensive part of his game is not quite there yet.

    Klich 4
    Excuses for his no show although the truth is Klich bottled it yesterday.

    Rodrigo 5
    His role in our team didn't suit his game, we should be getting more out of our 27m signing, missed a glorious chance.

    Harrison 5
    One excellent cross & not a lot more, fluffed a easy chance once again.

    Bamford 7
    Great anticipation to gain the penalty, that's how to take a spot-kick. Ran his socks off closing down the Burnley back-four, received precious little service from our inept midfield & wing-backs.


    Hernandez 7
    We always look better with Pablo on the pitch, one glorious moment of class denied by Pope, two telling passes where we should have done so much better.

    Shackleton 6
    Gave us better defensive cover

    Poveda 6
    Tricky little player with hopefully more to come in the future
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    I see you're crucifying Allioski again.

    You're saying he runs around the pitch like a 'naughty schoolboy'. Last year too. And yet Bielsa picks him time after time.

    Has it occurred to you that he's perhaps doing what he's been told to do?

    If, as you've suggested, he plays like an undisciplined headless chicken that doesn't conform to the game plan, please tell me why Bielsa persists with him. Everyone else runs the risk of being hauled off, but he seems to avoid it. Funny that. But not as funny as your hatchet jobs.
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    I just read that Bamford and Klich are the two that practice penalties. Bamford said he was expecting Klich to take Sundays but Klich said to Bamford “It’s all yours, you take it”.
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    Yes, he said it in his post match interview, they have an agreement that whichever one has the job keeps it until they miss, then they hand it over to the other. He said he was surprised when Klich told him to take it.
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