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Discussion in 'Sheffield United' started by bilko, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. bilko

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    Mar 1, 2011
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    I see you have just Jean Francois Lescinel from us (STFC) just to give you a bit of an overview of him. He is 24 and has alot of potential but we at STFC all thinmk his best position was centre back and not as a full back as Wilson has said he can play in either position but his best displays were at centre back. He has plenty of pace and a good left foot and will not be beaten for pace but on the negative side he does blow hot and cold and is prone to mistakes. When he's good he's excellent when he has an off day he's a nightmare. A bit of a strange signing i thought for you guys as Wilson didnt play him that much but as i said at the start he has a lot of potentia.l Perhaps with all the goings on at our club last season and all the rumours that have been slowly coming out perhaps Lescinel wanted a clean break. (by the way the rumours were nothing to do with Lescinel).
    Good Luck to Sheff Utd this season alot of us still like Danny Wilson despite what happenned last season and Good Luck to Lescinel.

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