Match Day Thread Manchester United v Roma 1st Leg

Discussion in 'Manchester United' started by glazerfodder, Apr 29, 2021.

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    that extra match (in the space of 7 days) is massive and makes all the difference. Wish we could take it out and play it in a reasonable timeframe.

    That’s why today’s Villa match is pivotal. Win it then United can relax and think about Villarreal. As I said earlier, we could then play reserves in some matches. Leicester, Fulham and Wolves are the ones I would play only reserves, resting all our key players. Give Leicester 3 points and sod the administrators and the RS who will likely moan and groan, As Ole said, distortion of the CL race is not his problem.
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    If we win today then as you say it won't matter so much. Which is why I'm not too fussed.

    Were we always going to play Leicester on Tuesday? If so, then there's no difference there. All it means is we put the focus on the Livpl game instead of Leicester.

    And even after that we can still secure 2nd against either Fulham or Wolves.

    Personally I see it as an opportunity for the youngsters like Dialo, Williams, James and even Van der Beek to shine, hopefully with the experience of players like Mata and Matic there to guide them. Should be seen as a positive imo, not start worrying about it.

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