Olympic farce.

Discussion in 'Birmingham City' started by billofengland, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Olympic farce.
    Morning [almost ] folkks from Holland.
    why should any football team profit from taxpayers money, IE a free stadium.
    Spurs and West ham, are fighting for OUR TAXPAYERS venue,
    why not keep it as a center of excellence, to promote our amateur track and field,
    our aspiring footballers, rugby players, cricketers, an alternative venue for raising awareness, and revenue
    for our up and coming youth.Aussie/South africa has em, why not us, a legacy that will maintain the fact
    that we hosted ,what I hope will be a great olympics, of the track,,,,, and indoors, promotion of karate, boxing. aikedo, judo, gymnastics, fencing,etc etc, could one day make our small island proud again.

    could also be used as a music venue, to help make it self sustaining, a little help from national lottery [ my money again ]and a little bit of that shadowy group SPORT ENGLAND........................WTF ARE THEY.

    Got no answers myself. dont want to see another dome fiasco, where the taxpayer got stuffed, and private enterprise got richer.

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