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Orient game,stupid questions and predictions

Discussion in 'Coventry City' started by daveskyblue, Oct 26, 2013.

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    Sep 20, 2013
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    I took my long suffering Cardiff City wife (sorry dear) to the Orient game on Tue night to try and break her duck as she has never seen the Sky Blues win a game live, a risk i know but i thought worth taking. So picture the scene, flood lights on and everywhere else in darkness surrounding the ground even Jimmy Hills Hill was in darkness. i am tucking into a Bovril bloody expensive by the way £2.00 for powder and water (at least Dick Turpin wore a mask) anyway i digress, there was this woman sat behind us talking about how cold she was and all of a sudden she comes out with the ultimate stupid comment of "How can the people on that hill see the game in the dark" i looked at my lovely wife and literally wet myself laughing. Her husband did not know what to say to her except give her a cuddle.

    Then within a blink of an eye this young chap comes up to me and says "your in my seat", at first i thought at last someone with a sense of humor and i replied "seriously" (looking round at 2 empty stands), he did not get my humor obviously as he repeated his comment God i love Sky Blue fans! Anyhow the game itself was a great advert for this division, i was a little disapointed with Orient to be honest although City did not let them play at all, the officials were very poor especially the assistant nearest us he was getting a torrent of abuse from both sets of fans the other assistant must of been laughing his head off watching his colleague buckle under the pressure and could not make a decision to save his life never mind knowing the rules. I am a level 5 referee and his and the referee had a very poor night. The referee is supposed to watch the players whilst the ball is in the air, however, both officials were following the balls trajectory and not the players thus missing pushing and tripping by both sets of players. Everyone could see except these 2 numpties. Elvis was giving him so much grief that the assistant hardly came close to the half way line.

    Anyway enough of me ranting on, i would urge cov fans to come along even for a game and do you know what the team need us now more than ever yes it is great to go away and follow but there was a few fans there and our song was being sung for the first time in ages.


    Aston Villa v Everton ease win for Everton here 1-2
    Norwich v Cardiff my missus wont thank me for this but i am oing for a home win here 2-1
    Burnley v QPR cant really seperate these 2 teams so a high score draw 2-2
    Yeovil v Nottm Forest easy win for Forest here 0-3
    Leyton Orient v Rotherham it will be interesting to see how Orient respond 1-1 i think
    Tranmere v MK Dons for some reason tranmere are not fireing on all cylenders so 0-2 here
    S****horpe v Hartlepool The monkey hangers are playing well here so Scunny is nota nice place to go the pool will edge this one 1-2
    Wimbledon v Oxford Utd this one is tough to call i feel that oxford should win this one but the Dons at home are tough 1-1 i feel today

    Good luck today to all fans travelling

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