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Discussion in 'Plymouth' started by Plymborn, Jun 25, 2017.

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    May 3, 2011
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    NHS & Dentistry.

    I've always wondered how the majority of Dentist Practices and the NHS seemed to have gone in separate directions.

    My Dentist informed me 15 years (approx.) back... that they were going to be a private set-up.....at the time it seemed that all dentists locally were doing the same and those few that didn't were only offering the most basic of services, so I stayed with them......they where offering a monthly dentist plan that covered two check-ups a year at about £14 a month.

    Today I have had a check-up....and I need work on one filling....it has over the years eroded away and now needs to be replaced

    With a reduction taken into account for my dentist plan....a new filling....quite a modest size....will cost me what I think is not a modest amount....£171....I did enquire with the receptionist that it was only a filling that I needed....not shares in the practice....and my joke seemed to be lost on her.

    How has it been allowed that Dentists have broken away from the NHS system and over 90% of them are private.....it's bad enough every two years having to pay roughly £500 for new glasses....and now a modest filling can be valued at £171....just imagine if you needed more expensive work done.....would you have to re-mortgage your home to have the work done.
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    Jan 29, 2011
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    Fill the tooth with some plumbers mate .. I had a filling last year and a check up 41.00 NHS dentist now called oasis
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    May 23, 2011
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    I never bothered with registering and always, if I had a problem, I went to Seven Trees to the emergency people. Never had a problem getting in as I always played the wounded soldier who was in huge pain. I am excellent at acting if I need to be. Until recently that is or rather about 20 months ago. My Mrs had a problem but there was basically no way she could get into that place due to the numbers on a waiting list. We made inquiries and learned we had to register on a computer system on a waiting list to get an NHS dentist because you couldn't just walk in anywhere and register. She had a problem recently so we had to go to a private dentist. £733 altogether for what seems little work. Guess what..................within a couple of weeks we got a letter to say we could register with Orchard Dental Practice on Wolsley Rd. Bit late as she had already committed to the expensive treatment and had half the work done.

    We have now registered and have our initial appointment at the end of this month. The cost of treatment is still bleddy expensive I think because I still think of Dentistry as part of your health and should be free. However it is a fraction of the private costs which are just plain robbery. How people can afford to get their teeth fixed these days is beyond me given some people's income levels. Ok I can afford it but that isn't the point. My wife got a prescription a while ago which she has to take probably for evermore. Instead of getting it for 56 days at a time now it's 28 days at a time. Probably the new guide lines. When I first took my blood pressure tablets I got 84 days or pretty much 3 months worth. So it has been reduced by a third. If you have to pay for a presciption that is triple what you paid before. Any thoughts the medical side is going the same way?

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