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    With the Gills' league campaign getting underway next weekend, the prediction league competition will also return for its 12th season!

    No need to register your interest in advance this year, simply add your predictions onto the relevant match threads and I'll add your points onto the table.

    The league is totally FREE to enter and participate in. Non Gills fans are generally welcome but be warned strict rules apply and any wums will be banned from the competition and our board.

    I'm not intending to make any changes to the rules for the upcoming season, so the below rules are the same as they were for the 2019/2020 competition.


    Members will need to predict the outcome of each game via the weekly, patchy70 prediction league threads.

    Scoring system:

    Predict the correct score line for a game you will receive the following points, dependent on the total number of goals tallied by both sides in a particular game:

    0 to 3 goals in game gets 6 points for a correct score line prediction

    4 to 7 goals in game gets 9 points for a correct score line prediction

    8 + goals in game gets 12 points for a correct score line prediction

    Basically predict high, score more points if your prediction is right.

    You will receive:

    1 point for every correct goal scorer prediction.

    Predicted from either team, note: own goals will only count if you have indicated (clearly NAMED) the own goal scorer(s).

    You don't have to predict every goal scorer, although the odds are in your favour if you do.

    2 points will be awarded to every poster that has predicted the correct outcome of the game via their score line prediction. Regardless of whether you have got the score line correct.

    This means you will have automatically forecast via your prediction as a *Win/Lose/Draw scenario for the Gills. There will be NO additional points in this scenario for correct goal scorer(s). Draws include both no score draw and score draw.

    Correct score line predictions cannot pick up additional points for a correct forecast, rather than break up the existing scoring structure, please consider the 2 points as part of the already existing scoring structure.

    *The predictions league has always been about getting the score line correct in the first instance, therefore you may NOT just post win/lose/draw as a prediction, that scenario can only be decided by posting a score line prediction.

    Any one considered as not playing within the spirit of the rules within the win/lose/draw scenario will forfeit their 2 points at the discretion of the author (patchy70).

    Any one considered as not playing within the spirit of the competition, by means of disruption, spamming (including repetitive posting) or any other nuisance may be removed from the competition.

    Please DO NOT edit your posts:

    in the event of a mistake please repost, any attempt to manipulate any part of the rules for gain, may result in removal from the competition. Edited posts will not be validated in the event of a dispute.

    Bonus threads:

    Bonus threads might be introduced during the season via the FA Cup, giving members the chance to earn additional points. The prediction league is solely used for League matches and the FA Cup and no other competition.
    Some league matches may be included where members can obtain extra points through the threads being Double/Triple points rounds.

    Tied league placings:

    The most recently correctly predicted game have always take precedent in a tied position, against previous games. Although my spreadsheet does not apply this formula, it should be deemed as manually applied by season end.

    Matches 44, 45, 46:

    Anyone within 12 points of the prediction league leader (including the leader) for MATCHES - 44, 45, 46 - can submit their prediction to me by private message (known as PM) - the prediction will not be displayed on the board but it will be indicated I have received their prediction by private message.


    The prediction league will NOT include any league play off matches and will finish at MATCH 46.

    Posting format:

    I don't mind how you enter your predictions particularly as long as it is clear what you mean.

    In the event of two goal scorer(s) having the same last name, please clearly indicate which goal scorer you have selected. Failure to do so could result in your goal scorer being void.


    All predictions must be made before the scheduled kick off time or maybe deemed invalid.

    Additional rules may be implemented on the final day of the season, in any possible tie break situation.

    I will post the prediction league table at my earliest available opportunity subject to match day travel and circumstances, along with the next match thread when applicable - I will aim to post the next matches thread a week in advance.

    Postponed games - thread will be deemed as void and no points can be earned.

    Some games, might not be covered by a match thread during the whole season, I will normally try and announce these situations in advance.

    The most important rule...the author's (patchy70) decision is final and the rules are always subject to change.

    Star Player League

    On a separate note, I am also planning to run the Star Player competition again this season - No rule changes planned for that either, so the competition will run with the same rules as it did last season, which can be found here -

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    and you thought the Chairman's letter was long ( obviously not brb - he won't know until Tuesday )
    Good luck everyone - as usual, I won't enter - to let you all have a chance .
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    Thank you Patchy, I was beginning to wonder if you had done a runner from us bunch of weirdo's <laugh>
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    Scared to get it wrong:emoticon-0109-kiss: always
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    see you all on the Saturday side, Stay Faithful UTG

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