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Prediction League WK25 Results

Discussion in 'Crewe' started by Greensince9, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Greensince9

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    Prediction League WK25 Results

    Aston Villa 1 v 0 Man City
    Blackburn 2 v 0 West Brom (sun)
    Ipswich 3 v 2 Doncaster
    Exeter 2 v 1 Walsall
    Kidderminster 2 v 0 Barrow
    Double Points Game
    Aldershot 3 v 2 ALEX

    Double Points Game (Tues)
    Alex 2 v 1 Bradford

    Portuguese – Liga Sagres.

    Pacos Ferreira 1 v 1 Uniao Leiria
    Rio Ave 2 v 3 Guimaraes
    Naval 1 v 1 Portimonense
    Benfica 4 v 2 Nacional Madeira
    Maritimo 0 v 3 Sporting (Mon)

    Bonus Question?
    The Alex ended Tuesday night in 3rd
    Alexatheart, Crewealexforever, Greensince9 , Redbluemoon and Monkeyalive all picked up 2 bonus points for correctly predicting 3rd place

    Wk25 Pts

    1. Alexmick----------------19pts
    2. Glerstad23-------------17pts
    3. Crewealexforever----17pts
    4. Swanspider------------16pts
    5. Keirmh------------------14pts
    6. Monkeyalive----------14pts
    7. Pborobloodnut-------14pts
    8. Creweboy--------------14pts
    9. Alexatheart------------14pts
    10. Jasthebase-------------12pts(AKA Alexmary)
    11. Dariofrorpresident---12pts
    12. Dale123cafc------------12pts
    13. Pastybobalex-----------11pts
    14. Gus_Wilson-------------11pts
    15. Greensince9------------11pts
    16. Adam891cafc------------9pts
    17. HilpertonianSwindon---9pts
    18. Mojofitz--------------------9pts
    19. Redbluemoon------------9pts
    20. Smartalex84---------------8pts
    21. Mahundaairth-------------5pts

    Edd M Didn’t predict

    Alexmick topped this week’s table with 19pts and it would have been six more had the Alex not let that last minute goal in at Aldershot as he had predicted 2-2, along with Creweboy, Alexmary for Jas, Keirmh, Darioforpresident and Redbluemoon. Gjerstad grabbed 2nd spot with 17pts just pushing CAF into 3rd both got 3 correct scores but Gjerstad picked up 7 correct results to CAF’s 5. CAF gained the extra 2pts from the bonus question. CAF’s Son in Law, Swanspider picked up 4th place just 1pt behind on 16pts and Keirmh topped a group of 5 on 14pts to pick up 5th place, having got 3 correct scores, in a cruel twist for Creweboy not only did he miss out on the 6pts from the Aldershot game but he ended up 8th but scored points in all the other games but only 1 was a correct result.

    Alexmary picked up 12pts for Jas and was unlucky to miss out on more points in the Aldershot game and
    new player Darioforpresident picked up 12th spot and again was unlucky on the Aldershot game but he did get the Bradford result spot on.


    1. Alexmick-------------------181pts
    2. Crewealexforever--------176pts
    3. Alexatheart----------------174pts
    4. Greensince9---------------174pts
    5. Smartalex84---------------165pts
    6. Pastybobalex--------------161pts
    7. Mahundaairth-------------161pts
    8. Pborobloodnut------------157pts
    9. Jasthebase------------------149pts
    10. Keirmh-----------------------146pts
    11. Redbluemoon--------------146pts
    12. Mojofitz----------------------144pts
    13. Gus_Wilson-----------------142pts
    14. HilpertonianSwindon-----141pts
    15. Dale123cafc-----------------135pts
    16. Gjerstad23-------------------133pts
    17. Monkeyalive-----------------130pts
    18. Edd M--------------------------127pts
    19. Swanspider-------------------119pts
    20. Creweboy---------------------112pts
    21. Adam891cafc-----------------110pts
    22. Mrcrewealex------------------55pts
    23. Alexmary-----------------------25pts
    24. Cardinal Tom------------------19pts
    25. Darioforpresident-------------12pts

    Alexmick’s top score saw him back on top in WK25 1st time since WK16 and he also gained a 5pt lead from 2nd place CAF. CAF in WK16 was in 14th and in those 9 game weeks has closed a 33pt gap, Alexatheart retained 3rd place and I am sure we all hope that he is now feeling better. GS9 dropped to 4th he had held onto top spot since WK18 except for WK22 when Alexatheart took top spot, although Smartalex missed out on the Portuguese matches he retained 5th spot on 165pts 9pts behind GS9.

    I thought it only fair that as Alexmary is standing in for Jas that she should also be shown on the league table, so the points she picked up for Alexatheart last year and this week have been added together, also Darioforpresident joined us this week he has stated that it was a one off but hopefully when he can he will return and join in.

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