Presence is to be in the presence of greatness

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    Presence is to be in the presence of greatness your also going to need to test through these talks and listen to the talks about whatever your diseases Striction BP cut they're probably going to be some they're certainly going to be some relevant ones so you could test through these talks and you to find the relevant ones well there are about 300 hours these talks and you obviously cannot just sit down and listen to them tree house at the big from beginning toned you're going to have to test you know see which ones

    you get a signal on test mean see which ones you get a signal on there Striction BP are a few movies up here too and there’s a movie telling you about how to use the Cure talks on the left often movies that tell you how to use the page you're on are on the left hand column A the page and sometimes those instructions can run long ways but they're also instructions about how-to cure what you came to cure which you're probably starting to see is going to be someone involved you know it seems simple every step of the way and yet at the same time someone involved so anyway these are the talks and I notice

    I was just starting to make another one you on her you'll notice that they're organized by skill and the skills relate to the hierarchy of skills on the hob so this again is the hub this is what the hub looks like and you'll notice there's an orange band in the middle where that woman's faces and bad is the hierarchy of skills under there it goes way down this is a still picture so Icon show you but there's a hierarchy of 12 skills the lessons are contained in the skills and the idea is that the westerns build those particular skills.

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