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"Proper" football fans

Discussion in 'Manchester City' started by marcusblackcat, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. marcusblackcat

    marcusblackcat SAFC Sheriff
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    Jan 25, 2011
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    Afternoon all - SAFC fan in peace (or in pieces with our current plight!!)

    Just wondering (and not in a piss taking or wind up way) why your stadium is rarely full when you sit top of the league?

    Used to thing that City were like us - well grounded supporters and thankful for what they've got - but to see so many empty seats in your ground makes me wonder why?

    Anyone got any ideas on it or is it just a "sign of the times"? as they say
  2. Paulpowersleftfoot

    Paulpowersleftfoot Well-Known Member

    Jan 30, 2011
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    The increased capacity of the extra 6000 seats in the south stand don’t seem to have added any more extra empty seats than before the extension was built
    Most were taken up by new season ticket holders showing the bodies are there to fill them and it’s regularly sold out,practically every league game is as was the Chelsea game and that had been sold out since before Christmas
    I suspect we sell a lot to agencies who try to flog them as tourist packages but the lure of Old Trafford and the history of Utd still attracts the tourist cash rather than the fairly new entity that is City to them
    We were discussing it at the Chelsea game as we couldn’t see any half n half scarves near us in the ground and only tend to see them for games at the Etihad v the likes of Barcelona or at the big London games where a portion of our away tickets seem to get into tourists hands and it's fairly indicative of the lack of day trippers finding their way to sunny east manchester

    I’m not in any way against tourists coming to the Etihad although I do find it irritating that for the big London away games people who’ve been going for years can’t get tickets for love nor money but there always seems to be plenty of tourists who have access to them.

    Its in the clubs interest to attract a worldwide audience and it smacks very much of little club syndrome to be against it. I don’t think you can have longterm success without it

    Fanbase is pretty similar to Sunderland in many respects and it's very much a working class fanbase so with the sheer amount of games/travelling involved it's very expensive so the champions league games tend to be the games people swerve,UEFA the corrupt entity it is treated us like **** so the tournement is simply not liked by many and a lot can't afford every game so that's the chosen one for many
    When we play the 2nd leg v Basle tomorrow night I'd be surprised if there are more than 30k there

    Hope you survive this year,always been fond of my daunting trips to Roker and the SOL had many a beer in the colliery pub
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  3. Stoaka

    Stoaka New Member

    Jun 13, 2019
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    If you watch the PL matches on the TV, most games have empty seats, why do City get singled out when it’s the same at most grounds!
    To be fair, it gets very expensive when you are as successful as City have been and are still involved in 4 competitions almost to the end of the season including multiple trips to Wembley for semi and cup finals.

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