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Richie Barker signs up as new Bury manager

Discussion in 'Bury' started by Not606 News Team, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Jun 7, 2011
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    Richie Barker has eventually become Bury's new manager after signing a contract, according to the Manchester Evening News.

    The Shakers announced that Barker was the man they wanted to succeed Alan Knill while the new man was on holiday. Back in the country, he has finally made his appointment official by inking his 12-month rolling contract.

    Barker might have taken his time signing the contract, but he has acting swiftly to assemble his coaching staff.

    Ex-Mansfield manager Peter Shirtliff joins as his assistant.

    Barker said: "It’s taken a while. It took a while to get it sorted out but we got where we needed to be in the end."

    He added: "Peter is as qualified as you can be and it was a bit of a no-brainer. I’ve known him for a long time on and off. I cleaned his boots as an apprentice when I was 16. I’m glad to have him on board, he’s a good bloke who I can trust."

    Barker is hoping to make one or two ventures into the transfer market, but will stick with the core of the current squad. Top on his list of priorities will be finding a replacement for 20-year-old winger Kyle Bennett, who looks set to leave the Shakers.

    He said: "I won’t be changing a great deal. I learned a lot from Alan Knill and I think we got where we needed to be last season because a lot of things were already in place.

    "My relationship with the players is going to be different. I’ve spoken to most of them, certainly all of the senior ones.

    "I’ve weighed up where we need to strengthen and I’m hoping to bring a couple in but it looks like we’re going to lose Kyle to a Championship club and we wish him luck."

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