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Season Review: Bury

Discussion in 'Bury' started by A Matter Of Time, May 9, 2013.

  1. A Matter Of Time

    A Matter Of Time Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2013
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    2012/13, a season which saw Bury relegated from League One and one in the club was dogged by severe financial difficulties. Are the club going to survive? Anyway, with regards to the football, Bury suffered a blow right at the beginning of the season when manager Richie Barker left for Crawley Town. There was little transfer business done over the summer which left caretaker boss Peter Shirtliff with a bit of a problem. A small squad which was always going o be unlikely to compete realistically in the division, took a long time to win a game.

    By that time, the experienced Kevin Blackwell had taken over. That win began a brief upturn in fortunes, but they could not sustain it, and they remained in the relegation zone for the rest of the season. To his credit, Blackwell was realistic about the situation and was always honest after a match. I only saw Bury once this season; that was the 4-1 defeat at Notts County where after holding their own in the first half and holding the lead thanks to Steven Schumacher's well-struck shot, a defensive horror show in the second half (Ashley Eastham had a shocker!) gave Notts a comfortable win.

    Andy Bishop was recalled during the season (he'll surely have a part to play in League Two), and veteran defender Efe Sodje remained a regular in the starting line-up (like Colin Woodthorpe did), but during the summer the focus will be on keeping the football club afloat as it is in a critical financial situation.
  2. Matster

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    Feb 2, 2011
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    Good luck next season, let's hope you give it a battle to get back up again <ok>

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