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Season Review: MK Dons

Discussion in 'MK Dons' started by A Matter Of Time, May 21, 2013.

  1. A Matter Of Time

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    May 1, 2013
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    A club which always seems to be in the League One play-offs did not manage it this time around, just falling short with a poor run during February and early March and although they recovered to give themselves a fighting chance, they couldn't quite make it. MK Dons have so often been a model of consistency with excellent runs being put together even when the squad is a little thin. Surprisingly for (with respect) such a small club, they have a big stadium which they never fill (goodness knows what the upper tiers are for) and they can attract some good players and respected staff. For example, Ian Wright is at the club, and former Premier League players Jimmy Bullard and Alan Smith both represented MK Dons during 2012/13.

    While they have some excellent midfield players in Stephen Gleeson and Luke Chadwick, they always looked a little short at front, with Dean Bowditch often wasted on the wing and Smith not scoring enough goals. Two other experienced players, Charlie MacDonald and Ryan Lowe scored goals, but not often enough. Karl Robinson has used the loan market well and did so again with the signing of Chelsea youngster Patrick Bamford, who grabbed a few goals. Overall the season was up and down with the odd good run of form here and there but didn't manage the same home form that they've had in recent seasons.

    I don't think MK Dons supporters should panic, it was still a good season. I honestly believe that they have overachieved in recent seasons but with some good signings over the summer, they are in with a chance of mounting a realistic promotion challenge. And yes, I'll mention it, they beat AFC Wimbledon in the FA Cup, and went on to have a very good run in the competition before it was stopped by Barnsley. Not many teams score four goals away to a Premier League club, so they deserve credit for that.

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