Match Day Thread Shrewsbury Town v Sunderland - Saturday 26th October - KO 15:00

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  1. RTB

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    Jan 28, 2011
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    Shrewsbury Town v Sunderland – Skybet League One
    Last time out Sunderland beat Tranmere and Shrewsbury drew with Gillingham.
    Sunderland travel to New Meadow to face Shrewsbury Town after Phil Parkinson enjoyed a dream home debut as Sunderland manager with his side cruising to an emphatic 5-0 win.
    The Black Cats will have Aiden McGeady available after suspension, but Lyndon Gooch twisted his ankle on Tuesday night and will not be in the squad at the weekend.
    Shrewsbury Town have a major issue scoring goals this season, only Bolton having a worse scoring record than the Blues, but they are a lot stronger at the back and have conceded fewer goals than the Black Cats. Donald Love has played every game this season as he looks to rebuild his career away from the Stadium of Light.
    Phil Parkinson:
    “I thought we got that balance right against Tranmere and there were some big performances.”
    “I was really pleased for Duncan because he has had a tough time of it, but he was excellent and showed how dangerous he can be. His performance and contribution will do him the world of good."
    “Will (Grigg) also looked lively when he came on, on Saturday and first of all I thought the supporters gave him a great reception when he came on then too."
    “They understand he has been a bit of a frustrated figure, but he is working hard – he did that on Saturday but didn’t get his reward."
    “On Tuesday, he gave us exactly the same again and I’m just so pleased that he got that goal at the end. There is no better feeling at the end when you are a player walking off and you are getting a standing ovation from the fans.”
    “It’s a shame because I thought Goochie did well. He got his goal and then scored again before it was disallowed. It’s not too serious but he will definitely be out of the weekend”
    “We were very pleased with his performance, but unfortunately he twisted his ankle and he will have a spell out.”
    “What a fantastic option to have with Aiden (McGeady) coming back. He is a key player, very creative and he definitely comes back into the thinking for the weekend.”
    Sam Ricketts:
    "It’s two points dropped. We were poor, really poor in the first half. We didn’t play with any real speed or intensity.”
    “We never got going in a game where I thought we could have taken it by the scruff of the neck - we were just waiting for things to happen, as opposed to making something happen.”
    "We were passive, slow, too many backwards passes. We're trying to be positive, to play and run forward. We need to threaten the opposition more.
    "We end up with two crosses from the right on the byline, great crosses, that what we need earlier."
    Prutton predicts:
    Match Appointments:
    Assistants: Daniel Leach and Paul Hodskinson
    Fourth Official: Mark Dwyer

    Team Line ups
    Burge, O’Nien, Willis, Lynch, Hume, Power, Dobson, McGeady, Maguire, Watmore, Grigg
    J. McLaughlin, C. McLaughlin, Flanagan, Mumba, McGeouch, Leadbitter, McNulty.
    Injured: Embleton, Wyke, De Bock, Gooch

    Shrewsbury Town O'Leary, Williams, Pierre, Beckles, Love, Laurent Goss, Norburn, Giles, Okenabirhie, Cummings
    Subs: Murphy, Golbourne, Edwards, Whalley, Walker, Thompson
    Injured: Udoh

    Betting Odds:
    21/10 Away 5/4 Draw 11/5

    My two pence:
    After a great result on Tuesday we need to make sure we carry on winning matches. It was good to see Watmore back on the score sheet and getting the man of the match award.
    It's a shame that Gooch is out injured, so I expect McGeady to be straight back in the team. I'm really looking forward to the game now - I just hope the new manager bounce continues for the rest of the season.

    My guess is a 2-0 away win
    Ha’way the Lads
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  3. RTB

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  4. Sheep Farmer

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    Oct 4, 2019
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  5. SAFCY

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    That site uses XG (expected goals) as it’s god for predictions.

    It’s a decent site to be fair but they struggle, like we all do, to calculate what safc will do next
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  6. Sheep Farmer

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    Oct 4, 2019
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    Nearly as bad as my golf game for using previous performance as a predictor for future action!
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  7. Dorset

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    Jan 25, 2011
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    Another great thread RTB :emoticon-0148-yes: Think we'll manage another clean sheet on our way to a 0-3 win. Ha'way the lads! :emoticon-0165-muscl
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  8. SAFCY

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    Shrewsbury manager quotes above

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  10. Hefty fullback

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    Sep 2, 2015
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    We need to correct this on Saturday.

  11. SAFCY

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    I’m taking safc this weekend in my betting strategy. Around 13/10 in the company I use
  12. Comfy

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    Sep 26, 2019
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    “Shrewsbury Town that claim the title of form favourites but are yet to beat Sunderland in the pairs’ brief history. Both teams have been involved in a lot of low-scoring matches of late and the hosts have particularly looked good in defence”

    above is an extract from the clip, I’m guessing here that they wrote it before Tuesday night or completely ignored our win lol
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  13. master-simpson

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    Jan 29, 2011
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    1-3 to the Lads. Just gotta feeling!!

  14. smithy in nl

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    Jan 29, 2011
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    I expect another comfortable victory, guessed 4-0 last game and I’ll stick with 0-4 this game another clean sheet would be nice too.
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  15. Smug in Boots

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    Cracking match thread as usual, we're blessed on here.

    I can't make it and don't yet have Internet at our new place so will rely on this place.

    I really can't see us losing this game as we'll go going there full of confidence for once ...

    ... I never sensed any swagger under Ross tbh.

    Haway Lads, 2 early goals and reward everyone who went to the last few away games.

    3-1 with Watmore on target again.

    BTW I bought 2 tickets on the off chance I could go. I can't so they're spare and will be at the ground if anyone can use them.
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  16. Gil T Azell

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    Jan 25, 2011
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    Thought Watmore had his best ever game for us. Keep him fit and with his pace, McGeady's trickery and with Grigg now smouldering I see a comfortable win. 1-4 to the cuddlies.
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  17. Zak's Dad

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    Sep 30, 2019
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    I've gone for win for the lads because I'm always stupidly optimistic about us in the run up to the game, and I hope the attacking performance against Tranmere augers well for the rest of the season and PP works on our defence and tightens it up - but I've a feeling it might be close.

    One swallow does not make a summer - but I'm really hoping Tuesdays performance is carried over and PP keeps proving I've misjudged him based on his previous stats and reputation. Nothing would please me more than it turning out than I was wrong and he's one of those managers who adapts his playing style to the players he has rather than imposing the 'long ball' he was famed for.

    Onwards and upwards!
    No more looking over our shoulder.
  18. Turtle

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    Oct 1, 2019
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    Haway haway haway
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  19. Teesdarlomakem

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    Jan 27, 2011
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  20. Oliver's Army

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    Oct 10, 2019
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    Safe travels to everyone going down tomorrow. I'm feeling confident of a win and will go for 3-1. Grigg, Mcgeady and Willis

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