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Match Day Thread Shrewsbury v Port Vale

Discussion in 'Shrewsbury' started by Matster, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Matster

    Matster Well-Known Member
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    Feb 2, 2011
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    What is probably now a local derby comes round again. We've had a rocky few games in the past against pv which has been marred by injury, controversial goals and a rowdy crowd. With mounted police due to be present there will obviously be a heavy police presence too.

    Town have had a good run of late with 8 games unbeaten, we have a few players injured or returning from injury including Leutwiler, Whitbread and Grandison. We've brought in promising defender Jack Hendry from Wigan on loan until the end of the season as Dom Smith has been called up for the u21s squad.

    Port Vale have won, lost and drawn 2 each in the last six games, however they aren't ranked very well away from home. Not that that will stop us having a nervy match as spectators!

    Let's hope we see a great game with a fair referee and hopefully extend our streak with a win.

    Floreat Salopia
  2. greenhousmeadowman

    greenhousmeadowman Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2011
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    Not a great performance until some good substitutions in the second half saw us get into it a little bit more. We could even have won it with good chances for JLAA and Whalley. Kaikai is clearly way above League 1 class and we are lucky to have him back but I do wonder who will score the goals for us next year. I did not see what upset NKP at the end though their player did seem to over-react. Anyway a three-match ban for the captain when we still need a couple more wins to be safe is definitely not what we need.

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