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Soccer Team Party Ideas

Discussion in 'Athletics' started by Alexis Allen, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Sep 6, 2012
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    With approximately 3.9 million youth soccer players in the United States, plenty of soccer team coaches and parents of soccer players will be looking for a score of ways to celebrate the soccer season with a party. Team parties offer coaches an opportunity to celebrate individual achievements and also rewarding the team for a job well done.

    Take the party outdoors and throw a soccer party in your own backyard or at a local park. If the soccer team had a field it got to play on, have it there. Go all out to celebrate league or tournament championships. Organize a 3-v-3 soccer tournament for ultimate team bragging rights. Have all the members of the team sign a game ball for presentation to the coach at the end of the party. Themes can include a backyard barbecue or pizza party. Keep it simple with finger foods, hot dogs and burgers for lunchtime events or kick it up a notch with grilled chicken and fish for a dinner party.


    Stay ahead of any possible weather interruptions and take the party indoors. While you certainly can host a party at home, consider alternative locations. Take the team to play indoor laser tag or host the party at an indoor soccer arena. Think fun and entertainment when planning an indoor party to celebrate the end of the soccer season or to provide encouragement during the season. Encourage friendly competition by providing soccer-related gifts to participants. This can include soccer videos, player jerseys and soccer equipment, such as soccer balls and training gear. Check with each venue before bringing in outside food and drink. Most operations will allow teams to do this or offer concession food and drinks at a reduced rate.

    Additional Ideas
    Get creative when considering locations for your soccer party. Other ideas for a soccer team party include hosting a movie night at your home or seeking out a local recreation center for all day fun. For home movie nights, play highlight videos from your team's season or watch previous National or Olympic team games. When planning a soccer team party, plan to provide tokens of appreciation to team members. This can include certificates honoring individual achievements or trophies for team accomplishments. Other ideas include providing favors for partygoers, such as framed team photos, soccer ball key chains or goody bags. Fill goody bags with candy and small novelty items.

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