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    Alongside the prediction league, I am also intending to run another 'Star Player' competition for the upcoming season.

    Confirmation of the rules (no changes to last year):

    Members only need to copy the format below, post in a comment and make their selections, I will do the rest;

    1. 3 points (Man of the Match) -
    2. 2 points (2nd best performing player) -
    3. 1 point (3rd best performing player) -

    Feel free to add a comment after your selection.

    For every selection made, your choice of man of the match will receive three points, then subsequently two points for the second best performer and one point for third.

    All the individual player points, will then be collated into a spreadsheet by me, to create a Star Player League Table, which will be updated after every match. Just remember it's not you the member earning the points but the Gillingham FC players that have spent minutes on the pitch during the relevant matches.

    For example;

    Points will be applied for each and every individual vote. So if 30 members vote Egan as man of the match in the first game, then he gets a massive 90 points for that match but obviously this will get balanced out over every game, once other man of the match players are selected in the next 45 matches (and FAC).

    Members do not have to participate in every game, however, the more members that do participate the more points their selected players earn.

    A player can only earn points if he has actually spent minutes on the pitch for the relevant game. Any votes for players, including substitutes that have not spent minute(s) on the pitch will be void.

    Timing; each thread will be created before match day but please do not post your selections until the game is nearly complete, preferably completed. Although no exact time applies to this, please play within the spirit of the competition.

    Each thread will remain open until the following times;

    Saturday games will close on a Tuesday evening
    Sunday games will close on a Wednesday evening
    Monday games will close on a Thursday evening
    Tuesday games will close on a Friday evening
    Wednesday games will close on a Saturday evening
    Friday games will close on a Monday evening

    Christmas timings to be confirmed. The above timings may alter due to my own personal circumstances and ability to get on the site at busy times.

    The updated table will then be created after the closure of each thread.

    NB: Above I have commented that each of the threads will be created before the match day in question. I appreciate that this often wasn't the case last season, and this is something that I am intending to improve upon for the upcoming campaign!

    I look forward to seeing whether Barry Fuller can come out on top once again, or whether there will be a new name in 1st place come the 3rd May 2020!
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    Early gamble Cisse
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    An even bigger gamble.

    List to score the first Gills hat trick of the season. :1980_boogie_down:
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