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Discussion in 'Gillingham' started by patchy70, Apr 17, 2021.

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    Star Player League 2020/2021
    Oxford United

    Members only need to copy and paste the format below, post into a comment and make your selections, I will do the rest;
    1. 3 points (Man of the Match) -
    2. 2 points (2nd best performing player) -
    3. 1 point (3rd best performing player) -

    Competition rules can be found here:

    Each thread will remain open until the following times;
    Saturday games will close on a Tuesday evening
    Sunday games will close on a Wednesday evening
    Monday games will close on a Thursday evening
    Tuesday games will close on a Friday evening
    Wednesday games will close on a Saturday evening
    Friday games will close on a Monday evening
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    Well - it wasn't Evans !!
    The scoreline might seem a little harsh... Gills should have been further ahead (than 2-0), after 72 minutes. Gills played well - and were bright - and could easily have had a couple more goals...... then we imploded. Some shambolic defending allowed Oxford to steal a win - which, although undeserved after 72 minutes, was merited for their attitude - as opposed to the attitude of The Gills......

    When the score was 2-2, there was only one team wanting to win the game - and it wasn't Gillingham. The players did everything they could to slow the game. Evans had obviously given instruction to play for a draw. (( watch Tucker doing his best not retrieving the ball for our free kick -- it took an Oxford player to do it ))--- along with the numerous times that Bonham was assisted by Oxford players when taking a goal kick !!

    I didn't expect anything other than a defeat - and was pleasantly surprised by our positive play - for 72 minutes -- BUT-- why were we so negative at 2-2 ?
    OK, you'll say that we could have conceded a 3rd if tried to regain the lead ---- well, well -that didn't go well !!
    If, as Evans had (deludedly) suggested that a play-off place was still achievable -- it wasn't going to be achieved by the players not bothering for the last 6 + 5 minutes -- and that is an insult to the fans - it's not as if I suggest that I won't pay for last 6+ 5 minutes of a game - because I was going to stop supporting the team....... although they made that easy for me -- as you all know, I cannot accept less than 100% commitment...... my son and I talked about having to miss the IPL cricket and the FA Cup semi final - to maintain our 100% commitment.
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