Prediction League Star Player Vs Shrewsbury Town

Discussion in 'Gillingham' started by patchy70, Apr 10, 2021.

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    Star Player League 2020/2021
    Shrewsbury Town

    Members only need to copy and paste the format below, post into a comment and make your selections, I will do the rest;
    1. 3 points (Man of the Match) -
    2. 2 points (2nd best performing player) -
    3. 1 point (3rd best performing player) -

    Competition rules can be found here:

    Each thread will remain open until the following times;
    Saturday games will close on a Tuesday evening
    Sunday games will close on a Wednesday evening
    Monday games will close on a Thursday evening
    Tuesday games will close on a Friday evening
    Wednesday games will close on a Saturday evening
    Friday games will close on a Monday evening
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    May 6, 2011
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    Not a great game and now think it's finally over for the play offs.
  3. alwaysright

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    Jul 4, 2011
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    you know I only do it to see if anyone 'winds up.'

    ... it's not too late to pay£ 6.99 for a 'one-off' match subscription ( or £10 for a whole Month's football ) - to watch the El Classico tonight....
    Oh, I'm sorry - I hadn't realised you wasted £ 10 for the absolute garbage this afternoon....... I wouldn't say it was poor - it never reached that level - unlike the ball....... I watched the game at my older son's house... He commented that he's got an 82'' screen - and it still wasn't big enough to keep the ball in the picture - he wondered if he should stand the set on its' end !... I suggested turning it to face the wall..... still - I got some useful tip how to clean a camera lens --- if they put the camera in the Gordon Road stand, rain wouldn't be a problem - and you might actually be able to see the line along that side.. . (( of course, I'm still not expecting to see the corner quadrant at the Town end. ))
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