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Discussion in 'Cardiff City' started by Oldsparkey, Jun 30, 2020 at 8:17 AM.

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    So it's the 30th June today and if it wasn't for the enforced break in the season, contracts would be up and the transfer window opened.

    However, we are where we are and it's obviously delayed this summer, but maybe a good time to put up the usual Summer Transfer Window thread - whenever that will officially start. Got a feeling lots will be happening with the financial impact of the lockdown being felt right through the divisions.

    Let's go then - any rumours, info, even opinions as to who should go and who should come in, please fill your boots on this thread......
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    We have let go a few so at the moment I would stick with what we have and see what happens to the playoffs,but if we do get to the promised land I can see about 3 or 4 players wanted, and tan I know has been good with his money, but to stay up and with the premiership money we will have to buy some decent players ,and not ones for the future.
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    As you said Sparks the financial impact is going to be massive.

    There are going to be some big name not on retained lists and players and agents will have to change their demands.

    It's not going to be easy for the managers and clubs the impact will be felt for a few years.
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    Harris has spoken about youth and promotion from within since his arrival.
    It would be nice to see a couple come through, but need to bring in a couple experienced players.
    We also need to get rid of a couple experienced players. We might be stuck with a few olderplayers colin brought in. Will be dificult because of wages and we will be unlikely to get much in the way of fees for them.
    Thinking Pack, Flint, one keeper, Vassell.
    Those 4, plus the fact connelly, jazz and bogle have gone should allow for a few decent signings even if in the championship.
    A couple loanees and a couple youngsters will give us an acceptable size squad.
    Someone in the Tomlin mould, a winger and a right back.
    Depending on what happens with Ward, another striker.
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