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    Surfer people respect the elders who are you know and stuff like that but most to them you know in traditionalists then stick to the traditional wings lemme in the thirty years that I've been teaching we've had problems with drinking using Hotmail but I've never seen it escalate in such a hurry home math is more dangerous it's so easy to gear on the reservation and its sheep young kid can get their hands on it I'm afraid we're going to have our tribe follow zombies it's just it's just Testerect so sad methamphetamine is epidemic on this reservation I don't think the crow nation can't stand by and lose a generational issue people this methane said I mean use is Chileans we have to realize that our kids have to realize a you know I work I went back and history and I look at you know how our tribe has been put on reservations in small parks and things like that but it didn’t wipe on our reservation this has been the worst and just experiencing it personally mean I know how terrible it is I know how hard it is to kick .

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