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Swindon game

Discussion in 'Morecambe' started by bilko, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. bilko

    bilko Member

    Mar 1, 2011
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    A couple of things about the game saturday i cant believe your team had been top of the league for a while you had totally negative tactics where you had 61% posession but it was all by your back four passing to each other. I thought you knocked the ball around well and at least played football unlike most of the temas in this league where they are just long ball merchants.
    When you went two goals down your manager kept to the same tactics just passing between the back four.

    Your number 22 Parissh is an absolute shocking player and how has he made the grade into professional football mis controlling every time he touched it.

    And least of all the most embarrassing thing you brought 72 fans and one idiot with a drum total embarassement 72.
  2. curtismfc

    curtismfc Member

    May 14, 2011
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    You watched & judged our team off one game against yourselves, so how can you make out that we didn't deserve to be top at the start of the season. Our manager is still learning after taking over from Sammy McIlroy over the summer & it will take time for him to build his own squad. You may mock our manager & ex captain of our club but we don't have the financial clout like you to bring a big name in like Di Canio on big wages. Some teams don't have the finances to bring big names into the club & we are one of them unless our crowds average the same as yours. Considering the experience our manager has had he has proved many critics wrong by not being in the relegation zone & has managed to bring a few quality players into the club like Ellison, Allesandra & McDonald over the summer period. Once he has built his own team we will be capable of challenging others higher up the pyramid but for now we have to do with what we can manage with.

    You slate Andy Parrish who yesterday against Crewe was excellent. He set up Ellison with his darting run & cross for him to volley in & defended well throughout the match. Last season he was player of the season by many shrimps fans. Going off one game is hardly fair slating our player fit to burn. Unless you are a premiership footballer most league one or two players will not have consistant games week in week out & that is why Swindon & Morecambe are in this division.

    Our fans are a credit. We may only bring a small number but what do you expect with being so close to christmas & playing a match a good distance away. Crewe fans said our fans were a credit yesterday & were heard throughout the match. Better to be heard than not being loud enough to encourage the team. Which from many away games I have been to this seems to be common practice.

    You have bragging rights that you beat us fair & square on the day comfortably but you don't have the right to knock our team after one game. I am sure I could find faults with one or two of your players over 90 minutes but to slag one of the players off because he had a bad game is unjust. Parrish has not also been in the first team as much so he will be rusty after one match. How many footballers at league 1 & 2 level are consistant week in week out, not very many.

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