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    Thought you might to read a Norwich fans view of the top 6 and this weekends games

    6 games left to play and we're on 87 points, having averaged well over 2 points per game (2 points per game + 7, or 2.17/game if you prefer). Our fantastic performance against Huddersfield saw us back to winning ways and as a result we now have the best goal difference in the league, 6 better than Watford. Omobadmidele played well again and with the exception of him for Gibson, we started the game with what many would consider our strongest team.

    I’m struggling to find anyone that doesn’t believe we will be get promoted and mathematically we only need 5 more points to guarantee promotion. Watford started to gain ground on us as a result of the Blackburn & Preston draws, but we increased the gap as a result of the last round of games. After the Huddersfield performance I’m more confident that we will win the league and if we can match them for points over the next 2 games, we can secure the title by beating them. The title is still ours to lose, but you never know with Norwich. Currently we are 22 points above Bournemouth (who are in 7th place, but have a game in hand), 2nd in form table with 14 points from the last 6 games and on a 12 game unbeaten run. We are still in the running to break a couple of club records. Most wins in a season, currently 29 (League 1 - 2009/10) / Most league points, Currently 95 (League 1 - 2009/10).

    Our next game is away to Derby on Saturday, KO 3pm. Derby are 19th in the form table with 5 points from the last 6 and are the only team to beat us in a 'smash & grab' at home this season. It would be great to put the record straight, with a Huddersfield style performance against them. Our other remaining games are Bournemouth (H), Watford (H), QPR (A), Reading (H) & Barnsley (A).

    Watford are 8 points behind us with 79 points and are still the only team that have any real chance of finishing above us. As well as being 2nd in the league they are top of the form table with 16 points from the last 6, having dropped 2 points by drawing with Middlesbrough. Whilst at first glance their current form looks impressive this is on the back of some easier games and when they have played stronger teams (Cardiff & Middlesbrough) they have struggled. Watford play Reading, who are 9th in the form table with 9 points from 6, in the Friday night game, KO 7.45pm. Reading are in real danger of falling out of the top 6 (they are only 1 point ahead of Bournemouth who have a game in hand) and will be desperate to get something from this game. Watford's other remaining games are Luton (A), Norwich (A), Milwall (H), Brentford (A) & Swansea (H). They have perhaps the toughest run of fixtures and I can see potential for them to drop points in at least 4 of their last remaining 6 games.

    Brentford have 70 points and a game in hand, however their form has gone downhill recently and they are currently 13th in the form table with 7 points from the last 6. They struggled to draw with Huddersfield 1 – 1 last Saturday and also could only draw o - 0 with Birmingham on Tuesday night. Their next game is against Preston on Saturday, KO 3pm. Preston are 20th in the form table with 5 points from the last 6 games, however in their last 2 games they have drawn with us and beat Swansea. Hopefully they will take confidence from theses 2 games and get something from Brentford. Their following games are Milwall (H), Cardiff (H), Bournemouth (A), Rotherham (H), Watford (H) & Bristol City (A). Brentford really need to start winning. From our point of view, it would be great if they went into the Watford game desperate for the points, unless of course the title has already been decided by then.

    Swansea remain in 4th with 69 points despite losing their last 4 games. Swansea’s form has drop off a cliff in recent games, even more so than Brentford and if they don’t do something soon, they could find themselves outside the play off places. They are 23rd in the form table with 4 points from the last 6 games, however they do have a game in hand. Unfortunately for them they play Milwall in the early Saturday game, KO 12.30. Another win for Milwall who are 4th in the form table with 12 points from the last 6 games could give them an outside chance of sneaking into the play off’s. I can see Swansea coming unstuck in this game. Their remaining games are Sheffield Weds (A), Wycombe (H), QPR (H), Reading (A), Derby (H) & Watford (A). On paper they appear to have an easier run in than most. Like Brentford it would be great for us if they went into the Watford game needing to get something to maintain a play-off place.

    Barnsley are 5th with 68 points, having beat Luton 2 – 1 in their last game. Barnsley’s form has dropped off a bit recently, however they are 5th in the form table with 11 points from the last 6. They are home to Middlesbrough on Saturday 3pm KO. Middlesbrough are 12th in the form table with 7 points from the last 6. Middlesbrough helped us out on Monday by drawing 1 – 1 with Watford, however they really need a win to have any hope of making it into the play offs. This could be a tough match for Barnsley, however a draw would be an ok result for them bearing in mind their remaining games, which are Coventry (A), Huddersfield (A), Rotherham (A), Preston (A) & host us for the last game. Hopefully their play off place will be assured before that game.

    Reading still hang on to 6th place by the skin of their fingertips with 66 points as a result of gaining 4 points over the Easter period. They are only 1 point above Bournemouth in 7th and Bournemouth have a game in hand. As above I think they really need a win against Watford if they are not to fall outside the top 6 (Bournemouth play Coventry). Their remaining games are Cardiff (A), Luton (A), Swansea (H), Us (A) & Huddersfield (H). Our hope remains that they can get something from the Watford & Swansea games or alternatively be out of the running by the time they play us.

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